At King Water Filtration, their mission is to provide advanced water treatment technologies to the Las Vegas, Nevada area that are both dependable and affordable.  They deliver a full line of comprehensive water treatment solutions that remove hundreds of contaminants commonly found in municipal water systems and private wells.

Offering the most technologically advanced water treatment systems available, along with the best warranties in the industry, King Water Filtration is the trusted provider for Las Vegas, and they work tirelessly to provide quality water regardless of the source or application, from city water and well water to drinking water and water throughout a home or office.

King Water Filtration has been a member of Green Business Bureau since 2018, and in that time, they have achieved a coveted Gold Certification.  Throughout King, their passion and commitment to the environment and clean water is evident, as is their energy conservation policy that has been adopted at their corporate headquarters and their manufacturing facilities, which are all in the United States.

In the future, King Water Filtration plans to promote the use of chemical-free disinfectants in water filtration to further protect the environment and ensure that the water we use and drink everyday is as safe as possible and beneficial as it can be for everyone.  Additionally, they aspire to promote replacing harmful water bottles that end up in lakes, oceans, and landfills with safe, healthy, and clean water from taps and faucets.

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“Our mission is to provide the highest-quality water treatment systems. We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of fresh and healthy Alkaline-Quality drinking water throughout their entire home.”
 – King Water Filtration

King Water Filtration has earned GBB Gold Status

Click on the GBB Seal to learn more about the Sustainable Initiatives King Water Filtration has implemented to earn their GBB Gold Status.

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