Eco-friendly restaurants are making the switch from the classic, white styrofoam boxes to cardboard take out boxes. Styrofoam is detrimental to the environment, the material takes over five hundred years to biodegrade.

It is also made from cancer-causing chemicals that become dangerous when they come in contact with hot foods or liquids, because the material begins to decay. The toxic substances that makeup styrofoam are called Styrene and Benzene and have proven to be dangerous to humans.

Cardboard Take Out Boxes, Good for the Environment & Good for Business

Packaging leftovers in recyclable or biodegradable takeout containers leaves a lasting impression of social and environmental awareness on your customers. By helping the environment and offering a safer option, you are enhancing your restaurant’s brand.

Recent studies have proven that businesses that have switched to greener initiatives have seen a 67% increase in sales. We now have the knowledge about how harmful single-use plastics can be for our environment, so there is no reason to still use these containers in your restaurant.

Consumers today care and will remember how their leftover food is packaged when they bring it home. With numerous restaurants to choose from, this small gesture can leave a positive impression on your customers and keep them coming back.

The Hazards of Styrofoam Takeout Boxes

Most takeout boxes are made from polystyrene plastic foam, also known as styrofoam, one of the leading materials in marine litter. Due to the fact that styrofoam doesn’t break down on its own, the government spends millions of dollars each year removing material from our oceans.

Make the Switch To Cardboard Takeout Boxes

By making the shift from using harmful pollutants, to something environmentally friendly and recyclable, you are saying a lot about your business without having to say anything at all. This switch will show employees and consumers that you are up to date with knowledge of science, and care about their health as well as the surrounding environment. By discontinuing the use of styrofoam in your restaurant you are demonstrating your commitment to sustainability. A consumer who has done research on the negative impacts of styrofoam might choose not to return to a restaurant who has clearly paid no attention to these recent discoveries.

Save Our Planet From Styrofoam

Styrofoam never decays on its own, it is only broken into smaller and smaller pieces, with nowhere to go. This poses large problems in the ocean because instead of being a floating styrofoam takeout box, it turns into a  million microscopic particles of polystyrene. Small fish and organisms can mistake any sort of microplastics as food and ingest them causing illness or death.

By making the shift from styrofoam packaging to a more sustainable, non-toxic material you will be taking real steps to save the planet and protect the health of your customers. Don’t wait any longer, make the switch right away!

Great sources for eco-friendly takeout boxes:

Webstaurant Store

Webstaurant Store is the leading online distributor of restaurant equipment and supplies. They offer an array of different shapes and sizes of eco-friendly take out boxes, as well as almost any other item you could think of.

Cibo Wares

Cibo Wares is a major restaurant supplier that carries a large selection of eco-friendly take out boxes as well as eco-friendly straws, stirrers, utensils, and cups.

Paper Mart

Paper Mart is affordable and offers an array of different color takeout boxes. This is a great option if you want diners to remember the restaurant who gave them their leftovers in a fun colored, sustainable takeout box.

Green Paper Products

Green Paper Products carry take-out boxes that are biodegradable, compostable and microwave safe.  They also carry 100% biodegradable cups, cutlery, containers, tableware, and trash bags.

Lets Go Green

Lets Go Green carries an assortment of eco-friendly products ranging from biodegradable take out boxes to organic pet foods. Many cities are implementing disposable foam food container bans, and these disposables meet those requirements.

Good Start Packaging

Good Start Packaging offers eco-friendly products including an array of bags, cups and takeout containers that are compostable. The company is laser-focused on sustainability.  Founder Ken Jacobus started Good Start Packaging in 2009 because he “wanted his children to know that he valued the earth”.

For more eco-friendly tips for restaurants, check out our Sustainability Guide for Restaurants: Getting Started.

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