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NaturChem helps to maintain infrastructure, landscaping and safe work environments by providing industrial vegetation management and stormwater maintenance services as well as a full-range of vegetation and pest management products. NaturChem understands that in order to protect public health, worker safety and the integrity of our natural surroundings, a harmonious relationship between people and nature must be maintained. Starting January 2022, NaturChem will be undergoing a brand change and taking on the new name “Opterra Solutions” to better reflect the company’s full range of services.

More Than Just Pulling Weeds

Many may not realize just how big an impact vegetation and pest management has on public health, worker safety and facilities’ operations.

While NaturChem’s services do enhance the aesthetic beauty of facilities and landscapes, it’s more than just pulling weeds. NaturChem tames unruly vegetation that may obstruct the view of motorists and eliminates the breeding and hiding grounds for insects, snakes and other pests, resulting in safer working conditions for employees working in and around manufacturing facilities, on utility rights of way, communication centers, railroads and other dangerous areas.

NaturChem’s stormwater maintenance and repair services also play a key role in protecting local water quality and preserving the surrounding environment by reducing runoff that carries chemicals, fertilizers, waste and other pollutants to nearby waterways. Fast-moving runoff also has the potential to erode waterways, disturb aquatic habitats and flood urban and suburban areas.

NaturChem supports the overall resiliency of facilities by aiding in worker safety, smooth traffic flow, the longevity of infrastructure and equipment, and the reliability of electricity and water during storms. At the same time, NaturChem works with nature to preserve habitats through their low-impact applications.

“Solve a Problem and Make a Friend”

Aware of the common perception that vegetation and pest management is harmful and toxic, NaturChem strives to provide products and services that protect public health and have the lowest environmental impact possible.

As mentioned in their mission statement, NaturChem’s aim is, “…not to make a sale. It is to solve a problem and make a friend,” and building such positive relationships with customers begins with valuing their wellbeing and their communities.

NaturChem has succeeded in finding cost-effective, less labor-intensive solutions to vegetation management issues. There are many scenarios where vegetation overgrowth can pose a serious threat to overall health and viability to infrastructure. Moreover, simply cutting back this vegetation requires a lot of fuel, makes a lot of noise, and doesn’t solve the problem in a meaningful way.

There’s an element of chemistry that comes into play when solving vegetation management issues. NaturChem offers custom-mixed solutions that meet the customer’s needs while still respecting the presence of nature.

“Sustainability is the way we operate our business to best serve our business partners and customers, care for the environment and our employees, and drive sustainable growth and prosperity. We serve by utilizing the following elements:

  • Thinking and acting on efficiencies
  • Reducing the environmental footprint of our operations
  • Increase recycling and reuse efforts
  • Open communication with our business partners, vendors, and suppliers about positive environmental impacts
  • Utilize innovative growth methods that support our commitments

We believe that sustainable development is a necessity for future prosperity. These beliefs and commitments are the starting point for our products and services.” – Nick Hook, CEO of NaturChem (Opterra Solutions)

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