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An industry-leading sustainable web hosting solution

Established in 2000, Doteasy is a Canadian web hosting company specializing in domain name registration and sustainable web hosting solutions.

Doteasy’s quality web design services and award-winning client support team bolster an already-strong portfolio of offerings, which provide all the tools and services needed to get you online with a fast, reliable, powerful, and secure web hosting solution. This includes domain name registration services with advanced Domain Name System (DNS) controls.

Doteasy’s driving goal is to provide industry-leading hosting solutions, which come hand-in-hand with their commitment to positively impact the environment through operations.

Doteasy’s committed green team is dedicated to reducing business GHG emissions

Doteasy strives to offer the best web hosting service available on the market, while also fulfilling environmentally conscious commitments and breaking away from how web hosting practices are typically implemented. They don’t compromise on the quality of their services or on their commitments as a green team.

The business runs on 100% renewable energy, contributes to green causes, works to reduce their carbon footprint by lowering greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), and efficiently minimizes the energy they use. Doteasy’s aim is to be one of the greatest environmentally friendly web hosting groups operating on the market.

Thinking about these commitments, let’s take a look at Doteasy’s key environmental developments in more detail below.

Data centers

All of Doteasy’s operations are run using 100% renewable hydropower, this includes the running of their data centers. Data centers are notorious for their high carbon footprint. For instance, a 2016 DXC Technology white paper stated data centers worldwide account for 2% of the total greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).

Doteasy directly addresses this issue by maintaining their data centers using energy-efficient water-cooled chillers, which consume much less energy and have greater longevity than traditional air-chilled coolers. Plus, Doteasy’s data centers are located in British Columbia Canada. This province mostly runs on 100% renewable hydropower.


Doteasy’s eco-friendly mindset extends to their everyday office practices. For instance, the company uses energy-efficient LED lighting to reduce emissions. Plus, office supplies are purchased thoughtfully for longevity, and the business prioritizes fixing and reusing equipment before the responsible disposal of that equipment. Doteasy has a green office culture that strives to reduce waste, and they’ve implemented solutions such as their thorough recycling program and bottle-less filtered water coolers.


Doteasy’s servers implement the energy efficiency and speed of Solid-State Drives (SSDs), which the team states use up to 7x less power relative to the traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) – plus SSDs are 30x faster. This lets Doteasy combine powerful hosting while also reducing resource use, meaning the business plays its part in keeping the planet green while still offering an industry-leading service.

Web hosting

Web hosting is a service that inherently consumes a lot of resources, from constantly keeping systems online to in-house server optimization. For instance, the average web page produces ~0.5g CO2 per page view. This means, that for a website that has 10,000 monthly page views, a carbon footprint totaling 60kg C02 per year is racked up. Hence, web hosting is costly to the environment. This is something Doteasy has actively addressed through their sustainability program.

Doteasy consolidates the contents of their servers, old and new, to save on resource consumption and energy use. Plus, they efficiently use virtualization to minimize the power consumption of their servers – without compromising on the service offered to their users. By implementing these improvements to how they operate, not only do Doteasy greatly reduce their environmental impact, but they also shrink their general expenses as well.

Championing sustainable web hosting through collaboration and certification

Doteasy signed up for the Green Business Bureau (GBB) to gain green business certification and to showcase their commitment to sustainability. Certification at GBB communicates Doteasy’s green achievements to stakeholders, such as clients and customers, via their online EcoProfile and GBB’s green seal.

Doteasy also wants their sentiment to extend to their customers. That is, they want their customers to become aware and motivated to actively protect the environment in the same way the team at Doteasy are. By raising awareness, and stressing the importance of their environmentally conscious operations, Doteasy hopes their customers will feel empowered to share similar green thinking.

Doteasy believes that a collaborative approach drives change. And by working with the Green Business Bureau, plus their customers and clients, together a positive impact can be made, one that supports sustainability with new eco-friendly initiatives and green change.

Building sustainability into the organization’s core and culture

The web hosting industry is widely known for its use of energy and resources, to maintain features such as responsive servers and 24/7 uptime. Doteasy is unique in the respect that they operate out of British Columbia, Canada, a region that runs on 98% renewable hydropower, meaning only 2% comes from natural gas (which is only used as backup generation during high demand periods).

On top of this, and as mentioned, Doteasy’s data centers are maintained using energy-efficient water-cooled chillers, which consume less energy and have greater longevity than air-chilled coolers. While data centers may always need to consume energy, Doteasy’s facilities operate exclusively on renewables, so they’re able to offer quality, environmentally-friendly hosting with guaranteed 24/7 uptime.

Doteasy is also unique in that they place a heavy emphasis on building a supportive green office culture to drive their green mission. The importance of reducing individuals’ and collective carbon footprints is stressed, from reducing everyday waste to always selecting the most environmentally-conscious fixtures (plus other equipment options available). Doteasy strives to be thoughtful, considerate, and responsible towards the planet in every aspect of their company’s operations. They aim to make a positive sustainable impact wherever they can.

It’s our responsibility to source certified sustainable web hosting solutions


We hope website owners are aware that running a website 24/7 uses lots of resources. Yet, it’s possible to make better choices, one of which is finding a certified green web host, and to protect the world, make a positive impact“. – William Wah, Marketing Manager at Doteasy

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