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Clothing is an essential product that people around the world purchase daily. But, with so many clothing options available, it can be easy to shop for options that don’t quite have sustainability in mind. Dimmblá, an Iceland-based clothing company, is challenging the status quo by creating nature-inspired styles that focus on clean conscience production. They are also dedicated to educating consumers on ways to become more conscientious shoppers.

Started in 2014 by Heiðrún Ósk Sigfúsdóttir, Dimmblá recently became a GBB member to better acknowledge what the company has already accomplished in the sustainability space, as well as to identify new focus areas that will continue their green efforts. Dimmblá has found success in producing green-friendly clothing by building the company as a sustainable business from the ground up. Dimmblá’s clothing is produced by a certified sourcing partner in India using sustainable methods, organic and innovative materials, and colorful, nature-inspired prints. With a focus on decreasing environmental impact, Dimmblá has laid out a mission that strives to create long-lasting clothing options that leave behind no waste during production. Dimmblá uses all fabric off-cuts to make beautifully designed accessories, and only uses sustainable fabrics are used that are produced from crops that receive no chemicals to grow, use less water and leave less waste.

And while the company may have already made strives when it comes to sustainable production, Heiðrún believes the there are always ways to improve. That’s why she continuously strives to incorporate better practices into her company to decrease environmental impact. For example, in the coming months, Dimmblá is launching a “plastic free” campaign to encourage both companies and individuals to reduce their use of plastic packaging in their day-to-day lives. During the campaign, Dimmblá will donate 20 percent of all profits to the Icelandic environmental association, Landvernd. Donations will go toward supporting the project “Keep Iceland Clean,” which helps to clean up the plastic in the ocean around Iceland.

Other companies that are working toward sustainability can learn from Dimmblá that green efforts work best when they are baked into every aspect of the business model, and it is never too late to make an impact. “One small change towards sustainability can start a chain reaction. The sustainability revolution starts with you,” said Heiðrún.

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