School Specialty
Member Since: March 2019
W6316 Design Drive, Greenville, WI 54942, United States
Our Green Accomplishments
School Specialty and its employees care about our communities and being thoughtful citizens mindful of personal environmental footprints. Through our actions of "taking one step" towards environmental change together we can and will make a positive impact.
LED Lighting At All Fulfillment Centers
July 2021
The School Specialty Project Green Program has collaborated with each of the fulfillment locations throughout the organization to upgrade all lighting to energy-efficient LED bulbs. This initiative will help School Specialty to conserve energy, reduce waste and cut costs by lowering electricity use.
Employee Carpool and Electric Vehicle Program
June 2021
School Specialty has implemented a carpool and electric vehicle program at many of its locations to encourage employees to lower their travel emissions by commuting together, riding their bikes, walking or using hybrid and electric vehicles. The long-term goal is to implement the program at each of its locations by the end of 2021.
Company Garden Brings Employees Together
May 2021
The Project Green Team at School Specialty's Greenville, WI location came together to plant raised garden beds made from upcycled materials and donations from employees. The garden offers employees an opportunity to get outside and engage with each other while doing a fun and therapeutic activity. The vegetables grown will be donated to a local food pantry and help the surrounding community.
Internal Green Projects and Employee Engagement
April 2021
To celebrate Earth Day 2021, all School Specialty employees were invited to learn about the Project Green program and received special hand-delivered garden seed packets along with helpful information on how they can make a difference at home. The project will continue to encourage employee engagement and include fun activities such as competitions for "The Largest Pumpkin Grown" and "Best Recipes" from garden-grown vegetables.
Saving One of Our Most Valuable Resources: Water
April 2021
School Specialty works to conserve water through a few different initiatives throughout the organization. These include: Adding low flow sensors to faucets and toilets, encouraging employees and guests to utilize reusable coffee mugs and water bottles, and installing bottle-less water dispensers.
Employees Making A "Green" Difference At Home
February 2021
School Specialty employees are encouraged to reflect on their environmental impact and take "one small step" to being more sustainable at home. This can be as simple as purchasing eco-friendly soap to raising their own chickens for eggs. One ambitious employee keeps their chickens warm with solar powered lights.