The Green Business Bureau is the trusted authority in green business. Our sustainability framework, EcoAssessment™ and EcoPlanner™ online tools enable businesses to understand, prioritize, implement and certify green initiatives and sustainable business practices. As a trusted 3rd party, we provide businesses with a public EcoProfile™, sustainable business scorecard and an official seal to validate and promote their green commitments and accomplishments.

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Demonstrate Your Commitment to Sustainability

  • Become a GBB Member and validate your current greening efforts with the GBB EcoAssessment™, an easy-to-use online tool that credits your business for completed initiatives.
  • Simply complete the online self-assessment to earn the GBB Member Seal. Once you qualify for higher levels, have your results verified to update your seal to the SILVER, GOLD or PLATINUM level.



Energy & Emissions


Consumption & Waste


Workplace & Culture


Water Use




Community & Society


Become Greener to Increase Efficiency & Profits

  • Become a GBB Member to Track, Prioritize and Plan your greening initiatives with GBB EcoPlanner™ an online application that lets you choose from over 400 self-guided initiatives.
  • Complete new Initiatives to improve efficiency and save money while also earning the GBB Member Gold & Platinum Seals.

Promote Your Greening Efforts to Attract Customers & Employees

  • Become a GBB Member to market your sustainability commitment in a credible way.
  • Attract and retain customers and employees who care about being green.
  • Use the GBB Seal, social media and marketing materials to promote your green business.

Green Business Bureau

Sustainability Management Platform


Verification, Levels and Clickable Online Seal


EcoProfile and EcoScorecard

Online Tools

EcoAssessment and EcoPlanner Software

Online Library

Over 500 Green Initiatives and EcoPlans


Sustainability Program Management


No Problem.

Join GBB to start your journey, get greener, manage your sustainability program and track your progress.

Learn more about the GBB Online Tools, Guides and Scorecard

OPTIONAL: Verify and share your results via GBB Certification when you’re ready.

Manage Your Sustainability Program With Ease

  • Use our GBB Carbon Footprint Calculator(™) to accurately estimate your carbon emissions and footprint.
  • Use our GBB Scorecard™ to  track and report your sustainability program progress and hold people accountable.
  • Track your EcoPoints™ to gamify the cause, celebrate success and improve morale.

Engage Your Employees. Let Them Drive the Cause.

  • Leverage our GBB Sustainability Program™ methodology to create an amazing purpose-driven culture by engaging employees and empowering green teams.
  • Access our GBB EcoLibrary™ of Initiatives to learn how to be more sustainable and train your employees. No need to hire expensive sustainability consultants.

Measure and Track Your Carbon Footprint

  • Use our GBB Carbon Footprint Calculator(™) to accurately estimate your carbon emissions and footprint.
  • It’s simple to use. Complete the guided online questionnaire to capture the key data needed to calculate your business carbon footprint.
  • Our calculator relies on the latest data from multiple government agencies like the UN, IPCC and EPA.


See how corporations are using GBB’s sustainability framework to develop a green culture for their business.

What Members Get

  • GBB EcoAssessment™, an online tool for self-certification
  • GBB EcoPlanner™, a library of hundreds of green initiatives with step-by-step implementation guidelines
  • GBB Carbon Footprint Calculator, an online tool to estimate your monthly carbon emissions
  • Access to GBB’s Member network and green business community
  • GBB’s Marketing Services, including materials, webinars and social media to promote their commitment to green
  • ‘Green Business Bureau Member’ seal for the front door, vehicles, website, social media and marketing materials

What GBB Members Say

Membership Levels

GBB Members earn their green status by completing green initiatives in the GBB EcoAssessment™ and EcoPlanner™ online tools
GBB Green


Just by Joining, Members get our GBB Member Seal.
GBB Bronze


Simply complete the online self-assessment in the GBB EcoAssessment™ tool and finish several prerequisites to receive the GBB Bronze Seal.
GBB Silver


Complete enough initiatives to reach 250 EcoPoints™ to earn the GBB Silver Seal.
GBB Gold


Complete enough initiatives in GBB EcoPlanner™ to reach 500 EcoPoints™ and earn the GBB Gold Seal.
GBB Platinum


Complete enough initiatives to reach 750 EcoPoints™ to earn the GBB Platinum Seal.

Earning EcoPoints™

Choose from over 400 greening initiatives across 8 categories to earn GBB EcoPoints™.
Individual initiatives are rated on environmental impact, implementation cost and effort, and are worth 1 to 45 EcoPoints™.


Whether you’re ready to join GBB today, or still gathering info, these links can help your business get started on a path to a greener tomorrow with the Green Business Bureau.
If you’re an eco-friendly sustainable business, you should get the recognition you deserve. A Green Business Bureau certification is the perfect way to communicate your accomplishments to the world.

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Being a certified green business can elevate your brand and reputation, attract customers and employees, and save you money. Request a copy of the Case for For Green Certification, an in depth look at the business case for a green business.

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Green Business Bureau’s pricing structure is designed to ensure companies of all sizes can cost-effectively and profitably take advantage of the benefits and opportunities of becoming a Certified Green Business. All Memberships come with full access to GBB’s Certification Portal and Benefits.

Starter Edition

$ 150

per year
  • PLUS
    $ 2
    per employee per year
  • GBB EcoLibrary™ with over 400 Environmental Initiatives
  • GBB EcoPlanner™ and EcoScorecard™
  • UPGRADE to CERTIFIED when you’re ready to verify and share your results publicly
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Certified EditionMost Popular

$ 350

per year
  • PLUS
    $ 4
    per employee per year
  • GBB EcoLibrary™ with over 400 Environmental Initiatives
  • GBB EcoPlanner™ and EcoScorecard™
  • GBB Certification, Verification, Seal and EcoProfile™
  • Marketing materials; Social Media Inserts, Member Story
  • Directory Listing
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Enterprise Edition

$ 1500

per year
  • PLUS
    $ 6
    per employee per year
  • GBB EcoLibrary™ with over 400 Environmental Initiatives
  • GBB EcoPlanner™ and EcoScorecard™
  • GBB Certification, Verification, Seal and EcoProfile™
  • Marketing materials, Social Media Inserts, Member Story, Press Release Support
  • Directory Listing; Link to Member Story, Member Spotlight
  • Knowledgebase, Education, Guides, Templates, Policies
  • Sustainability Workshop, Assigned Sustainability Analyst / Coach
    Annual Business Review
  • Social Responsibility Initiatives & Scorecard
  • Governance Initiatives & Scorecard
  • Multi-Site Support, Multi Scorecard
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The Most Recognized and Trusted Green Authority
Our seal  is internationally recognized and trusted by businesses all across the globe. Our exclusive ‘clickable’ web seal takes customers and employees to a personal sustainability webpage that shows a business’s green level, points and  accomplishments.


Members of the Green Business Bureau community get access to valuable content, eco-plans, and simple-to-use online tools to prioritize, implement, track and self-certify their green initiatives.  Our members have shown that green business practices improve operational efficiency, reduce operational costs, enhance their brand, retain employees, attract customers and drive sales.