Green Business Bureau (GBB) has partnered with Aclymate to bring the GBB members a carbon footprint calculator and carbon offset marketplace. GBB and Aclymate are working together to help businesses become greener and measure their progress via the GBB EcoScoreCare and Aclymate Carbon Footprint. The combined solution will help address climate change and help protect our planet by enabling businesses to measure their impact and verifiably demonstrate their sustainability to their employees, customers and partners.

“Aclymate provides carbon measurement tools and carbon offset actions to small businesses to help fight climate change driven by carbon emissions. We’re excited to partner with Green Business Bureau and make our online carbon calculator and carbon offset market available to GBB members. Members will now be able to measure the impact that their GBB initiatives have on their emissions.”

Mike Smith, CEO, Aclymate

As part of the GBB membership, all members will now have access to an intuitive online carbon calculator that makes it easy for businesses to accurately estimate their carbon emissions and footprint. The GBB calculator will be powered by Aclymate’s technology and solution, one of the leading carbon accounting software companies in the industry. 

“What gets measured, gets managed. Our GBB members can now track their sustainability program progress using our GBB EcoScorecard and Carbon Footprint Calculator.  Together, these sustainability performance management tools give businesses a full picture of how sustainable they are.  

Tom Permatteo, CEO/Founder, Green Business Bureau

The Carbon Footprint Calculator is available immediately to all GBB members. It includes many valuable and powerful features:

  • Simple To Use – Complete the guided online questionnaire to capture the key data needed to calculate your business carbon footprint
  • Accurate Calculations – Our calculator relies on the latest data from multiple government agencies like the UN, IPCC and EPA
  • Monthly Emissions Tracking – We’ll automatically track your commuting, utilities and home office emissions every month.
  • Quickbooks Integration – Sync with your Quickbooks to automatically calculate your footprint every month
  • Automated Emissions Sorting – Our proprietary algorithm quickly sorts through financial transactions and tells you what was an emission.
  • Monthly Emissions Reporting and Trends – See how your company’s emissions change every month and if you’re meeting your reductions goals
  • Emissions Tagging and Categorization – Assign your emissions to your offices, employees or vehicles, to understand how they contribute to your footprint
  • Business Travel Emissions – Travel is often the largest source of business emissions. We make it easy to understand its effect on your footprint

About Green Business Bureau

The Green Business Bureau is the trusted authority in green business. Our sustainability framework, EcoAssessment™ and EcoPlanner™ tools enable businesses to understand, prioritize, implement and certify green initiatives and sustainable business practices. As a trusted 3rd party, we provide businesses with a public EcoProfile(™), sustainable business scorecard and an official seal to validate and promote their green commitment and accomplishments.  

Our members have shown that green business practices improve operational efficiency, reduce operational costs, enhance their brand, retain employees, attract customers and drive sales. Visit for more information.

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