GBB For Corporations

As the expert in online green certification program for small business, Green Business Bureau’s program is as an excellent fit for larger corporations with distributed organizations in industries like retail, restaurants, entertainment, hospitality, and business services.

The GBB program enables companies of all sizes  with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability to ensure field organizations not only make environmental performance and sustainability a priority, but also benefit from their green choices and actions.

Shared Practices & Frontline Initiatives

For corporations seeking to ensure their environmental commitment and objectives are delivered on the frontlines, while enabling remote employee community to take part in driving and benefitting from green business actions, GBB provides an exceptional opportunity to deliver a high-impact, high-ROI and complementary green certification program that closely connects corporate objectives with everyday business activities.


GBB’s program is entirely online, and offers a guided, initiative-based certification program that allows Members to choose the initiatives that best suit their business. It empowers companies and offices all along the sustainable business spectrum – from a company’s green leader sites to newly greening groups within the organization.

Industry Certifications

For corporations seeking industry-specific certification, GBB offers both a large catalog of pre-existing programs and the unique capacity to develop customized industry certifications in partnership with organizations seeking a leadership position greening their industry.

White Label

For large scale organizations seeking to deliver green certification to their business under a proprietary sustainability offering and brand, GBB offers a customized white label solution.

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