The Green Business Bureau is the trusted authority in green business. Our online sustainability framework, EcoAssessment™, EcoPlanner™ and EcoScorecard(™) software enable businesses to understand, prioritize, implement and certify green initiatives and become more sustainable. We also provide businesses with guides, tips, calculators, employee training and sustainability consulting as needed.


The GBB online platform provides a framework and tools to help your sustainability team manage your sustainability program with ease. Members use the GBB EcoPlanner(™) to set sustainability goals, prioritize initiatives and track results. The GBB EcoLibrary(™) provides over 500 self-guided initiatives and eco-plans. The GBB EcoScorecard(™) and online dashboard tracks your actions and progress.


As a trusted 3rd party, Green Business Bureau can verify and certify a company’s green achievements. GBB members validate their greening efforts using the GBB EcoAssessment™, an easy-to-use online tool that credits businesses for completed initiatives. Members earn an EcoScore(™) and the GBB Green Business Seal, from Bronze to Platinum level, to communicate their accomplishments and show their customers, partners and employees that they are officially recognized as sustainable.


GBB’s certification program is entirely online, guided and self-paced. Unlike other green certification programs, GBB minimizes consulting services, onsite audits and onsite assessments and verifies online. Our goal is to help our members reach their sustainability goals without needing to spend thousands of dollars in consulting and audit fees.


Green Business Bureau delivers the credibility and visibility companies seek to ensure their sustainability efforts are recognized and rewarded. Recognition matters, and with the certified GBB Ecoprofile(™), EcoScore(™) and certified seal, businesses can tell their story in a credible way to elevate their brand, improve their reputation, win new customers and contracts, all while avoiding greenwashing.


GBB membership enables companies to gain the kind of credibility, trust and recognition available only through third-party sustainability certification. This trust and recognition extends from local to global as our growing network now includes members and important communities outside North America in Europe, Central & South America, Asia and the Middle East.