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Manage your sustainability program with guided, online tools and content.

What Is Sustainability Management Software

Companies today use software to help them run their businesses effectively and efficiently. This is also the case for sustainability. Sustainability management software enables businesses of any size to understand, prioritize, manage, track, and report on green initiatives and sustainable business practices.

Green Business Bureau’s software includes a suite of tools, plus a library of content, and guides to help manage your program and implement initiatives.

  • GBB EcoLibrary™
  • GBB EcoPlanner™
  • GBB EcoAssessment™
  • GBB EcoScorecard™
  • GBB EcoProfile™

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Why Companies Use Software To Manage Their Sustainability Programs

Green Business Bureau clients leverage the GBB sustainability software framework and online tools to ensure their organizations not only make environmental performance and sustainability a priority but also benefit from their green choices and actions. By codifying green business practices and formalizing program management in software systems, companies automate their program, improve operational efficiency, and reduce operational costs.

The Green Business Bureau mission is based on the concept that good business and green business go hand-in-hand. Unlike other niche and single-purpose sustainability assessments and certifications like LEED for buildings and GreenSeal for products, GBB’s platform takes a holistic approach that addresses all sustainable aspects of a business including practices, products, services, facilities, operations, employee engagement and community involvement.

The Business Benefits of Using GBB Software

  • Organizational Effectiveness – The GBB framework provides a structure for organizing sustainability initiatives, actions, and projects.
  • Best Practices & Guidance – GBB content provides valuable resources for learning and implementing sustainability initiatives.
  • Efficient planning – The GBB EcoPlanner includes a library of sustainability initiatives to choose from and prioritize.
  • Accountability – The GBB Scorecard and dashboard use EcoPoints to credit companies for their successful actions.
  • Green Team Empowerment – GBB provides self-service online tools for sustainability managers and committees to manage their green initiatives and track sustainability progress across distributed organizations and facilities.
  • Employee Engagement – The GBB  sustainability program guides green teams and enables employees to choose the green initiatives that best suit their business.
  • Sustainability Gamification with EcoPoints and Levels – There are over 500 sustainability initiatives across eight categories to choose from to earn GBB EcoPoints. Initiatives are rated in accordance with impact, implementation cost, and effort.
  • Success Celebration – The internationally recognized and trusted GBB seal that reflects the success of a company’s sustainability program.

GBB EcoAssessment

The first step for progressing in your sustainability program is understanding how sustainable you already are –  this is known as “your baseline”. Completing the Green Business Bureau’s online assessment via the GBB EcoAssessment tool will illustrate how green your business is today and identify areas of improvement.


  • All GBB EcoAsessment™ questions and initiatives are described in detail and easy to understand.
  • Initiatives are organized across eight categories including energy, emissions, waste, water, business practices, transportation, local community and social responsibility
  • The online assessment is less than a hundred simple questions and guided
  • Initiatives are based on industry standards like LEED, B-Corp and SASB but also include innovative research and best practices
  • At the end of the assessment, businesses are given credit for having already implemented green initiatives and suggestions on how to become greener
EcoAssessment Example
EcoPlanner Example

GBB EcoPlanner

It’s important to understand what actions your company can take and which to prioritize before jumping right in. Some things to consider are impact, effort, cost and feasibility. The GBB EcoPlanner online application provides a rich library of initiatives to choose from.


  • GBB’s EcoPlanner includes a variety of green initiatives ranging from low to high in terms of cost, effort and environmental impact
  • Filter initiatives by category (energy, emissions, waste, water, transportation,operations, and social responsibility)
  • Filter initiatives by the level of difficulty, cost, and impact
  • Plan ahead for verification and certification before you go public with your score and completed initiatives
  • Set EcoScore targets based on accumulating EcoPoints which are assigned to each initiative based on impact
  • Take a holistic approach and consider processes, materials, people, policies and projects
  • Look at energy, waste, buildings, products, packaging, supply chain, transportation, food, water, community and employee well being

GBB EcoLibrary

The GBB EcoLibary™ is a database of over 500 fully documented sustainability initiatives as well as useful guides, tips, suggestions, and resources. Initiatives are very granular and well-defined and include the implementation steps. The extensive library allows members to select initiatives that are catered to their business.


  • The EcoLibrary includes both basic, easy-to-implement initiatives as well as sophisticated, higher impact initiatives
  • Simple initiatives like office recycling, using silverware instead of plasticware, eliminating plastic bags and bottles, and adding timers to lights, are available
  • For scorecard and certification purposes, GBB assigns EcoPoints based on materiality
  • Larger initiatives requiring more investment like solar energy, LED lighting, electric delivery vehicles, are worth more EcoPoints
  • As initiatives are fulfilled over time, the GBB EcoScore increases and grants members the opportunity to reach Gold and Platinum certification levels
EcoLibrary Example

GBB EcoScorecard

The key to becoming a sustainable business is to have a sustainability scorecard that tracks progress, assesses your actions and measures results. As the old adage says, what gets measured gets done. And with GBB’s sustainability scorecard, you can hold yourself accountable while providing a formal structure for your sustainability program, with goals and KPIs that can be measured.


  • GBB EcoScorecard™ is a sustainability management framework that shows what sustainability initiatives you’ve completed
  • Completed initiatives are assigned points – EcoPoints – based on the impact of each initiative.
  • Your score is the total number of points you’ve accumulated by completing initiatives. This is a reflection of your maturity and sustainability
  • Your score also determines what level of sustainable business performance and certification you’ve reached, from bronze to platinum


Whether you’re ready to join GBB today, or still gathering info, these links can help your business get started on a path to a greener tomorrow with the Green Business Bureau.
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