Operating across both the US and UK, XChange provides workflow automation software and consultancy to the printing and publishing industries. Since 1992, XChange has helped companies transition from a historically manual production process to an automated system, and have found this change to benefit both their customers and the environment.


XChange’s workflow automation solutions enhance the efficiency of print production and reduce the use of materials such as paper, fabric and ink. By automating certain aspects of their operations, print service providers can conserve the use of energy-hungry materials– a win for both their budget and the planet.

These efficiencies remove repetitive steps, allowing employees to focus on more complex tasks that require their skills and expertise. Automated workflows reduce pressure on employees, lowers stress levels and creates a healthier work environment as employees’ talents are used on the correct projects.


Beyond their mission to improve operational efficiency, XChange is also making green strides internally. Product delivery and all invoicing is done electronically. Meetings are held via Slack video conferencing to reduce business travel and keep remote staff connected. All office paper products – copier paper, paper towels, toilet paper and paper coffee cups – are made from post-consumer recycled content.

Having multiple offices and remote staff working in different locations makes it a challenge to ensure all employees are making green choices. But with consistent internal reminders and coordination among offices, staff and city recycling, XChange is working to bridge any gaps and make being sustainable second nature for staff, such as properly recycling office waste.

Big or small, all of these sustainable choices add up and XChange aims to incorporate this type of green thinking into their work culture as well as the relationships they form with customers.


Companies with successful sustainability programs often have a dedicated team or single individual driving the cause. For XChange, that’s Media and Client Relations Manager, Vanessa Quan. Vanessa has been slowly introducing the concept of sustainability as a formal discipline and is guiding the company to evaluate its environmental impact in every business decision. Through facilitated discussions around sustainability, Vanessa is pushing for company-wide engagement and solution building.

Outside of work, Vanessa has a personal passion for sustainability. She has been involved in various green projects through the public school system in Dekalb County, Georgia. As the Farm to School parent liaison for Montgomery Elementary School, Vanessa worked with Whole Foods and Georgia Organics to build an organic vegetable garden for students as well as a worm composting program and outdoor classroom. The program has been a success, sparking students’ curiosity and mindfulness about food production and its tie to the environment.

“We feel that we all have a responsibility to do our part in minimizing our impact on the planet. We plan to do this by looking at everything we do through the lens of sustainability and by advising our customers on best practices to reduce material waste.”

– Vanessa Quan, Media and Client Relations Manager of XChange

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