Since their launch in 2015, Western Container Sales, a division of Railbox Consulting LLC, has had sustainability at the core of their operations. Named one of Minnesota’s 50 fastest growing private companies in 2019, the Minneapolis-based company offers a unique and convenient eCommerce experience for purchasing and renting used or like-new “one trip” shipping containers. By working directly with international intermodal suppliers, Western Container Sales extends the value of end-of-life shipping containers by selling them for storage purposes to customers across the U.S. and Canada. Their promotion of reuse, a noteworthy green business practice, avoids the energy-intensive scrap metal recycling process as well as conserves energy and virgin material that would otherwise be used to make new containers.

Eliminating Waste

As a 2020 Tekne Award Finalist, Western Container Sales has implemented the power of machine learning to create a fully automated, paperless eCommerce platform that makes the purchasing process meaningful and easy-to-navigate for customers. Without the burden of paper statements or in-person transactions, customers can calculate container price, select financing options, and set up delivery from the comfort of their home. By eliminating the need for unnecessary paper products and travel, Western Container Sales saves time and money for themselves and their customers, and helps preserve the world’s natural resources too. It’s a win-win-win scenario!

Green Thinking

Western Container Sales harbors green thinking in their internal operations as well. Their decision to take business completely online has allowed them to bypass the expenses and energy consumption that comes from an office space and the commute to work. While creating an efficient at-home work environment can be challenging, the Western Container Sales team strongly values the individual freedom and flexibility, along with a significant cut in fuel emissions, granted by remote work.

“We thought about a cool office buildout, complete with foosball tables and nap pods, but had trouble finding some place that worked for our employees to commute to. Additionally, the cost of that expensive office space hangs over your P&L like the Sword of Damocles. By automating our business and eliminating paper, we can avoid a big office space (and the expenses that go with it).”

– Derek Murashige, CIO of Western Container Sales

Green Business Certification

Recognized as a GBB Platinum Member and an A+ BBB accredited business, Western Container Sales prides itself on being transparent with their stakeholders and gaining their trust. As concerns over sustainable and ethical business practice continue to grow in the global economy, Western Container Sales has taken this as a call to action and is paving the way for a greener future for the intermodal industry.

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