Virimodo, whose name derives from the Latin viridis meaning “green” and modo meaning “now”, is a carbon reduction intelligence company that provides a web app for building owners and their tenants to lower their carbon footprint. Recently accepted into Techstars Alabama EnergyTech Accelerator, Virimodo is the only platform which benchmarks and mitigates carbon emissions at both the building and unit level, offering a true picture of a building’s carbon performance.

Sustainability at Your Fingertips

Through Virimodo’s online application, building owners and residents can conveniently assess and track their monthly energy and water usage, and connect with the top clean energy providers in their area. The platform is backed by a thorough analysis of energy supplier data since 2005 and is routinely updated to reflect today’s changing energy trends and best practices. Virimodo also monitors members’ energy data to check for bill errors, identify refund opportunities and ensure members are achieving optimum efficiency.

Further, Virimodo’s opportunity cost calculator makes it easy for members to test sustainability scenarios and choose the carbon reduction action with the best financial value.  Carbon reduction actions include using renewable energy, purchasing carbon offsets, completing energy efficiency measures, and energy competitions with leaderboards.

By increasing access to accurate energy data with predictions as well as providing actionable ways to reduce carbon emissions, members can better understand their energy consumption habits and which actions to take for improvement thereby reducing sustainability ambiguity.

Tackling Global Carbon Emissions through Partnerships

Virimodo is an EPA Portfolio Manager web services provider and has also teamed up with the Green Button Alliance, utilities and renewable energy providers to gather real-time data for corporations looking to reduce sustainability risk and/or become carbon neutral.

This partnership not only supports clean energy demand and the providers who supply it, it also promotes reliable energy data for benchmarking, tracking and predicting progress toward carbon reduction opportunities for customers.

Bringing utility providers, building owners and tenants together reflects how achieving sustainability can be mutually beneficial to all involved.

Supporting Communities through Teamwork and Giving Back

Along with their role as a benefit corporation, being Green Business Bureau certified has only added to Virimodo’s credibility as a sustainability leader and trusted partner.

In an effort to give back and combat global carbon emissions even further, Virimodo works with Eden Reforestation Projects to protect forests, plant trees and support local communities worldwide. For every new member that joins, Virimodo plants a tree!

As part of Virimodo’s Community Advisory Board (CAB), members help inform their communities about the importance of renewable energy, gather community feedback, discuss the latest environmental challenges, and collaborate on new projects. A Community Advisory Board provides the tools and support that make it easier and more effective for communities to transition towards clean energy.

Virimodo also recognizes the positive impact of individuals through their Renewable Energy Ambassador (REA) program. REAs can be property owners, renters, college students and anyone passionate about sustainability. With help from REAs, others can be informed about what low-carbon options are out there and how to navigate them. Virimodo is a true example of using teamwork and collective power towards a greater mission. After all, achieving sustainability takes all of us.

“Sustainability means living your life while mindfully conserving Earth’s natural resources for future generations.”

 – Donna Sanders, CEO & Founder of Virimodo

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