Synterex is a gold-level certified clinical solutions provider

Synterex is a clinical solutions provider of publishing, clinical science, project management, medical and regulatory writing, and IT collaboration services – from process development and optimization to document production.

Synterex has achieved Gold-level certification status at the Green Business Bureau, and as such, stands as a valued and model green business. The brand is committed to applying their team’s years of experience and current regulatory knowledge to help clients get their documents on the path to approval.

Synterex provides a seamless system that navigates regulatory processes for new drug approval

Synterex is a WBENC-Certified Women’s Business Enterprise and disability-owned clinical and regulatory consulting firm. The brand works with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to help them get new therapies to patients as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Before a new drug or medical treatment can be given to patients, it must first be approved by a regulatory organization such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Synterex’s job is to help clients navigate the approval process by making sure all the necessary documents are written clearly and accurately and in line with regulatory guidelines. The medicines that Synterex writes about come from a wide variety of therapeutic areas such as allergy, cancer, vaccines, nervous system disorders, and rare diseases. Every day, Synterex employees work with the hope of helping to get medicines to patients who need them to improve their quality of life.

Synterex takes a holistic approach to sustainability

Synterex started their sustainability journey by forming a dedicated Green Team – a diverse group of Synterex employees who represent all departments and are passionate about sustainability. The team meets bi-weekly to plan and implement new ways to make the Synterex brand more sustainable and ensure the business is making consistent progress toward their goals.

Synterex green team

One such goal has been to institute fully remote business practices. Doing business virtually has helped Synterex reduce paper, food, and plastic waste by encouraging dining at home and virtually eliminating commuting-related carbon emissions.

Remote work is also a key part of Synterex’s overarching goal: To be an inclusive company where people from all walks of life and circumstances can feel welcome and thrive. Allowing the option to work from home creates a more comfortable and productive work environment for everyone, thus promoting employee quality of life and an improved work/life balance. By supporting the well-being of their employees, the Synterex team accounts for both the environmental and social aspects of what it means to be a sustainable business.

Synterex sought green business certification for accountability

Over the past decade, it has become increasingly clear that companies must play their part to reduce their carbon footprint and help combat global warming.

As such, Synterex clients are looking to work with environmentally responsible businesses that are committed to sustainability. While Synterex had several green initiatives in progress informally, the brand concluded that now was the time to formalize their efforts and make an official pledge to maximize business sustainability.

As such, the brand decided to join the Green Business Bureau as a way to hold itself accountable and commit to becoming more eco-friendly.

Synterex also needed help finding resources and instructional materials to properly plan and implement new green initiatives. Partnering with GBB has been a great way to help the business track progress and share its successes publicly. Synterex is proud to have achieved gold-level certification with GBB and looks forward to achieving Platinum Level.

Synterex is a clinical service provider with sustainability embedded as a core value

Synterex green team 2

Synterex strives to be a leader in the medical writing space as a sustainable clinical service provider by making sustainability one of their core company values. The brand has been publicly documenting its sustainability journey through their website, social media posts, and newsletters, which are all available to clients.

The team at Synterex is working to set the standard for remote medical writing companies through the modification of their digital habits to reduce energy-consuming data storage and processing while also employing ethical business practices that maximize employee satisfaction and well-being.

Synterex run their business with the view that profit is not mutually exclusive with progress. The brand will always include community outreach as a crucial part of its business practices. Synterex strives to promote a culture of equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging.

The challenge of being sustainable as a clinical service provider

For Synterex, their sustainability journey hasn’t been without its challenges. One of the biggest challenges the business has faced as a remote business has been monitoring the sustainability initiatives employees pursue individually and directly measuring the outcomes of these initiatives. Without one central office, Synterex cannot directly monitor things like heating/cooling, lighting, and water use. Also, the availability of resources to employees varies greatly depending on their state of residence.

As such, the team at Synterex are working around this limitation to the best of their ability. One such management technique is the use of online surveys on sustainability practices, which collect data from each employee. Synterex has also created a Microsoft Teams chat devoted to the Synterex Green Initiative where employees can easily share their successes and inspire others to follow suit. The business recognizes it will be an ongoing challenge to find new ways to ensure all employees have the resources they need to easily and seamlessly incorporate more eco-friendly choices into their lives.

Sustainability is part of the culture at Synterex

“At Synterex, our goal is to help get new medicines to patients that need them while keeping sustainability at the forefront of our business operations. To us, the meaning of ‘sustainability’ is multifaceted; it refers not just to reducing our carbon footprint and helping the environment, but also to creating a company culture of equity and inclusivity where employee wellbeing and community outreach are prioritized.” – Jeanette Towles, President of Synterex

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