Synaptic Security, Inc. provides active defense for the threat-specific attacks of ransomware, cryptojacking and data loss for Linux systems. Through their patent-pending threat detection algorithms that work with distributed machine learning and AI architectures, Synaptic streamlines security and operations for the world of Linux servers, stopping attacks as they happen and offering real-time remediation.

AI Algorithms Conserve Resources

The cybersecurity industry utilizes vast amounts of energy in order to protect computer networks and digital infrastructure, run data centers, and deliver large-scale services. To minimize this energy drain, Synaptic’s AI threat detection algorithms monitor resources and processes with near-zero resource consumption. Synaptic’s focused approach provides higher efficacy rates, fewer false positives, and an automated response remediating the impact of malicious activity using a fraction of the system resources compared to traditional vendors. Incredibly, Synaptic has achieved 95% less CPU (central processing unit) usage, a feat that shows the true potential of sustainability within cybersecurity.

Operating as a distributed company with no physical location also enables Synaptic to minimize their environmental impact. With no building to light and maintain and digital documents taking the place of paperwork, Synaptic conserves resources and avoids the waste and emissions that come from operating an office space. Conducting a majority of their meetings both internally among staff and externally with customers has also significantly reduced their carbon footprint.

As their sustainability journey progresses, Synaptic is actively considering all the ways they can have a positive social and environmental impact whether it’s through their resource-saving products or the personal green choices made by employees working from home.

“Synaptic Security’s enthusiasm and motivation to create a safer and more secure world is reflected in the dedication of all aspects of our business. Not only do we have a passion to provide great products to our customers, but we also want to ensure that those products are practicing sustainable cybersecurity. Meaning our company guarantees environmentally, economically, and socially responsible solutions.”

– Destiny Cunic, Sustainability Leader

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