​STTLG Sustainability Consulting is a sustainability company based in Canada’s capital of Ottawa, built by students and graduates to help small to medium sized businesses attain, leverage, and promote their positive social and environmental efforts as a competitive edge in a largely overshadowed industry. Their mission is to provide businesses the technical approach along with tools to effectively and efficiently engage and report on sustainability.

As a green field startup, STTLG found that the weight behind larger businesses tends to overshadow what small and local businesses are successfully doing and achieving around sustainability.  This issue pushes these smaller businesses to market their sustainability efforts predominantly online with no internal technical documentation to back up what they’re accomplishing.  The goal for STTLG is to transition this challenge into a positive and successful engagement with the end client.

STTLG joined the Green Business Bureau out of a desire to both follow and offer a sustainability standard framework that works with businesses of all sizes and across all industries that helps businesses achieve positive social and environmental efforts.

From an internal perspective, STTLG employees work remotely, thus reducing their carbon footprint and eliminating the need for office space.  Business cards are made from recycled cardboard, they participate with local green organization events such as Ecology Ottawa, and STTLG also gives a percentage of their profits to local charities.  In the future, their goal is to participate in reductionism initiatives that further reduce carbon footprint, including also integrating sustainability at home.

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“Our core values are derived from the Triple Bottom Line of sustainability: economic imperative, social imperative, and environmental imperative. And our success comes from the ability to evolve social media-based sustainability promotion to internal documentation and transparency / non-financial reporting. Our goal is to be the leader in that change.”

– Joshua David Joseph, Founder & Managing Director

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