Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, manufacturing – while dramatically innovating and changing how we live and interact – has taken a bad rap for pollution and the environment.  However, without a fossil-fuel economy, the world would be several steps back from where are today. But not every manufacturer is equal when it comes to dealing with the environmental impacts of their operations. Some are embracing new ways to manufacture and operate that are more eco-friendly.

Founded in 2012, Sintavia is an innovator in the design, additive manufacturing (“AM”), and material testing of optimized metal parts for the global Aerospace & Defense, Ground Power, Oil & Natural Gas, Space, and Automotive industries. The company’s proprietary manufacturing process is unique in the AM industry and is the first independent manufacturer of its kind to offer a vertically integrated, end-to-end metal additive manufacturing production process.

Green Manufacturing Evolution

Commonly referred to as 3-D printing, Sintavia’s manufacturing facilities consist of high-speed metal printers co-located alongside precision post-processing equipment, a full complement of mechanical testing equipment, and a fully accredited metallurgical and powder laboratory.  The company is able to additively manufacture precision metal components faster and more economical than traditional casting and forging. This process is also more environmentally friendly and represents the next step in industrial ecology.

Sustainability as a Core Corporate Value

From the company’s inception, a core value for Sintavia has been sustainability.  They continue to focus and work on strengthening that pillar in their core values in order to educate others and to promote green initiatives within the manufacturing industry which has been historically marketed as highly pollutive.  Sintavia’s brand new, state-of-the-art, 55,000 square foot manufacturing facility was built in accordance with the guidelines of the Florida Green Commercial Building Designation. They hosted a Team Up to Clean Up event in May 2019 where employees helped pick up trash and debris along the neighboring streets of the new facility.  As a result, Sintavia is adopting this an annual event and hope to get their neighboring businesses involved with the initiative in the future.

Cleaner Manufacturing

Sintavia joined Green Business Bureau to not only demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, but to add that next level of leadership and credibility within the manufacturing industry.  While their products represent real innovation, their legacy will lead to cleaner manufacturing across the board, while producing products that enable our reach to go that much further, and that much safer.

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“By applying the inherent benefits of metal additive manufacturing, Sintavia is taking a leadership role in improving the industrial ecology of precision metal manufacturing. Not only do the components manufactured by Sintavia perform better mechanically than traditionally manufactured parts, they are less expensive and possess a better environmental profile. It is well documented that traditional casting and forging technologies are highly pollutive. Not only can Sintavia’s products reduce weight, thereby saving fuel, the manufacturing process itself is significantly less pollutive due to our advanced research and innovation. Additive Manufacturing represents the next step in industrial ecology, and Sintavia is proud to take a market-driven leadership role in this exciting development.”

 – Brian R. Neff, Sintavia CEO

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