shark&minnow is a strategy and design consultancy that makes the complex simple. Core offerings include research and insights, strategic planning, design and marketing communications. The firm’s past and current customers include B2B and B2C clients in sectors from the arts to education and insurance to transportation. Clients are headquartered across the United States from New York and Washington, D.C., to Chicago, Nashville, San Francisco and Oakland.

By rooting their approach in strategy and driving towards Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), they are always looking to optimize efforts for their clients. In their business and industry, there tends to be a considerable amount of material waste, for example, so by being iterative in their creative and design approaches, it allows them to avoid over-production of marketing materials, only printing and producing what is necessary. Additionally, they place an emphasis on environmentally friendly printing options, whenever and wherever possible, for clients that require large quantities of printed materials, which is always an early-stage production consideration and decision.

shark&minnow joined the Green Business Bureau because, first and foremost, environmentalism is engrained in the founders’ personal ethos, which as a company, they have chosen to use as an influence in the corporate space. According to Chief Executive Officer and President, Hallie Bram Kogelschatz, “embodying a sense of environmental justice is something that we see as part of our responsibility to our clients, ourselves, and our community.”

The company has focused their sustainability efforts in numerous areas across their operation, achieving some early successes by making a few key changes, such as:

    • Installed LED lights; timers on lights and signage
    • Installed smart thermostats
    • Installed a filtered water system to eliminate single-use plastic bottles
    • Created a recycling program to reduce waste
    • Focused ordering of “family-style” corporate meals to eliminate plastic packaging for catering
    • Purposefully located their office within walking distance of public transportation

shark&minnow doesn’t plan on stopping there, as they have future plans to create a corporate composting plan, along with other initiatives to directly impact their clients through the use of eco-friendly marketing and giveaway swag.

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