Servi-Tek provides janitorial and facility maintenance services to properties of all sizes and across every industry including corporate, medical and educational. With client facilities ranging from roughly 30,000 square feet to up to nearly 1 million square feet, Servi-Tek’s engineering services handle complex building systems that require more frequent scheduled maintenance and preventative maintenance care. Many of their clients rank among the largest commercial property firms in the country.


Since day one of their 16 years in business, Servi-Tek has provided green cleaning as a standard procedure. More facility managers are choosing sustainable cleaning methods as they realize the carbon footprint of their commercial buildings. This approach achieves the same quality as deep cleaning while reducing the use of harmful chemicals and unsustainable cleaning practices. Servi-Tek’s green cleaning services use Green Seal certified products whose ingredients are safe for people and the environment, along with stringent cleaning floor/carpet care protocols designed to conserve water and offer less intrusive interim care.

While COVID compliance and the lack of green disinfectants on the market have been a hurdle, Servi-Tek actively implements new sustainability initiatives as they become available and updates their training to keep momentum during a time where industries have had to quickly adapt to global shifts.

Following the Green Business Bureau certification program has given Servi-Tek a guided pathway to planning new initiatives and setting short and long-term sustainability goals.

“My name is Eric Friz and I am one of three partners at Servi-Tek. Collectively we have over 70 years of experience in the BSC space. Green cleaning was a key tenet when we started the company and that philosophy continues today. As parents with 10 kids between us, my partners and I understand that we have not inherited the earth but borrowed it from our children.”

– Eric Friz, Partner of Servi-Tek

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