Saniflo SFA Inc. is an international plumbing manufacturer and world leader in above-floor pump technology. With a complete range of pumps for both residential and commercial needs, Saniflo’s innovative above-floor technology allows for the installation of seemingly endless sanitary applications, creating plumbing solutions and new possibilities for building design.

Whether it’s a small project requiring drain and condensate pumps or more complex engineered jobs involving multiple fixture units across whole buildings, Saniflo has custom-tailored solutions to meet those needs. All you need is a water supply and electricity!

Saniflo drives sustainable plumbing solutions

Company growth is aiding Saniflo’s ability to help the environment and their community. Progressing through the Green Business Bureau certification program is helping Saniflo identify ways to green their business practices and strategize future sustainability goals. Examples of key green initiatives Saniflo is working to institute includes a partnership with Plumbers Without Borders and Showering Love. Let’s look at these two initiatives in more detail.


Plumbers Without Borders is a grassroot organization designed to bring safe water and sanitation to those in need, while also supporting the health of communities worldwide. In the past, Saniflo has donated pumps to other nonprofits working to help the homeless who lack access to clean water for laundry and personal hygiene.

The most recent development, working with Showering Love, is engineering and planning their newest modular trailer named Faith to aid the homeless. Faith provides showers, a bathroom, sanitary products, washing machines, and more importantly gives individuals privacy.” – Teresa Cardona, Marketing and Communications Manager at SFA Saniflo North America

A more recent development is Saniflo’s collaboration with Showering Love, an organization that expands the offering of restrooms and showers to those in need. Saniflo has donated two powerful pump systems equipped with a heavy-duty grinder to dispose of sanitary products. These pumps are fitted to Showering Love’s moving bus, named Grace, which brings showers and private restrooms to those who don’t have access to these basic necessities.

Joining the Green Business Bureau signifies an initial step toward achieving our sustainable development goals. To demonstrate our commitment to protecting the environment, we’re proud to be a member and look forward to being a recognized Green Leader in the plumbing manufacturing industry. – Regis Saragosti, C.E.O of SFA Saniflo North America

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