Vegan luxury brand, Sambar, specializes in handbags made from sustainable, cruelty-free textiles including organic cotton and post-consumer recycled polyester yarn. Their line of handbags proves that it’s possible to achieve high fashion aesthetics without compromising ethics and values.

“Luxury with a Conscience”

As per their slogan, “luxury with a conscience”, Sambar understands that the art of fashion has real environmental and social consequences and so, they are actively working to minimize their impact and give back to the planet.

To start, Sambar only works with vegan and sustainable materials, showing that the fashion industry can have the best of both worlds. A tree is planted for every handbag sold and their products are shipped in recycled, eco-friendly packaging.

Sambar partners with artisans in Spain to carefully handcraft their handbags, supporting local communities rich with a history of craftsmanship.

While it has been a challenge to coordinate with suppliers to ditch the plastic, Sambar has successfully made their shipment and packaging process carbon neutral and plastic-free.

Sambar is still working to eliminate all plastic from their materials but for now, Sambar uses ocean plastic fibers (a material made from recycled marine litter) which is mixed with polyester to enhance its durability. Sambar continues to look for new, eco-friendly alternatives to introduce into their collections.

Despite the challenges that come from being a small business, let alone a sustainable business in a world where being green is not always easy, Sambar is making all the right moves to be an industry leader. Becoming third-party certified and holding accountability gains Sambar the credibility and trustworthiness that many consumers are looking for in fashion brands.

“I want Sambar to make a bold statement: You can wear luxury and be vegan at the same time. To me, sustainability is very personal. I feel like as an entrepreneur today, you can’t not be sustainable. It’s just common sense and our social responsibility. All of us business owners and entrepreneurs should be trying to make our companies as sustainable as possible.”

– Andrea Nuñez, Founder of Sambar

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