Operating in the U.S. and Canada, S.I. Container Builds, Inc. – S.I. stands for Sustainable Imprints – constructs modern living and workspaces from recycled shipping containers, creating spaces that are functional, attractive, affordable and have a smaller carbon footprint. From backyard offices and business studios to guest suites and cozy lounges, S.I. Container Builds offers a variety of layouts and customization options to fit whatever needs and visions their clients may have.

Modern Meets Sustainable

With today’s tiny house craze and a lack of affordable housing in many cities, S.I. Container Builds is in a unique position to help meet those demands while also keeping it planet-friendly. Further, S.I. Container Builds debunks a common misconception that container dwellings aren’t practical or comfortable for living. Their builds consist of recycled shipping containers made from Corten steel, a highly durable material that is weather, rust and pest resistant. S.I. Container Builds ensures their dwellings are insulated to tackle any climate and that all international building codes are met, making the build process simple and stress-free.

Starting with a recycled structure is a big deal when it comes to building and construction. Roughly 39% of the world’s energy-related CO2 emissions come from traditional building and construction activities. In addition to having a lower carbon footprint, S.I. Container Builds’ dwellings also minimize ground disturbance through the use of helical piles – an anchoring system made from hollow steel tubes – instead of pouring concrete (another big contributor to global emissions).

Besides the shipping container itself, S.I. Container Builds also incorporates recycled and energy efficient materials into their builds whenever possible. This includes Illume LED lighting, FEMA approved closed cell spray insulation and reclaimed wood for interior decor and exterior cladding. Solar options are also available to clients as another means to reduce emissions.

Beyond The Build

While S.I. Container Builds’ products are rooted in sustainability and conservation, their green efforts can be found throughout the company. One of their key green initiatives is practicing efficient recycling of their warehouse waste materials and incorporating the same practices at their home offices. Within the warehouse, a carefully designed recycling system helps separate plastics, cardboard, styrofoam, glass and general waste. According to S.I. Container Builds, cardboard is easily one of their most common waste materials as packaging from shipments are very frequent. They have made the effort to reuse cardboard packaging whenever possible, a practice that is not only cost-effective but planet-approved.

Another pivotal feat, S.I. Container Builds has organized a green team to hold themselves accountable and stay on track with their sustainability agenda. The team meets monthly to define goals, evaluate progress and discuss opportunities for improvement. This creates the perfect teachable environment in which like-minded people and organizations can connect and find solutions together. Green Business Bureau’s certification program and library of green initiatives have been helpful tools in S.I. Container Builds’ mission towards sustainability.

But of course, growing as a green business comes with its challenges. For S.I. Container Builds, maintaining the different codes and compliance standards at multiple sites across the U.S. and Canada can be a rigorous process. Further, staying up-to-date on the latest sustainability trends and navigating the ever-changing market of green building products are other hurdles that S.I. Container Builds expects to encounter as the field of green building continues to develop.

Recognizing The Green Team

S.I. Container Builds wouldn’t be the stand-out company it is today without the diligence and passion from its staff. In particular, Operations Manager, Matt Roy, is an active green team member who hosts monthly meetings and educates his colleagues with new information and green business trends. He is also working with a Compliance Specialist to ensure the warehouse meets safety standards and is accurately aligned with Green Business Bureau’s sustainability initiatives.

Rory Rubin, CEO of S.I. Container Builds, is committed to growing the company’s sustainability standing by implementing green building practices at every phase of the build process and within all areas of the workplace. Rory is soon to be pursuing her LEED certification to maintain the highest level of standardized practice in green building.

As active members of both the U.S. Green Building Council and the Canada Green Building Council, S.I. Container Builds ensures that its team is certified and well equipped with the knowledge and experience to deliver sustainable builds. The expert team has also driven S.I. Container Builds to become an affiliate of the Economic Development branch in Brant County, Ontario, which showcases how their builds can bring economic development and quality of life to the local community.

Matt Roy, S.I. Container Builds Operations Manager

Tightly enmeshed in global sustainability, stakeholder trust, accountability and the power in partnerships, S.I. Container Builds’ mission statement and core values are a true reflection of putting people and the planet first. S.I. Container Builds is proving that sustainability as a business model is not only possible but it’s the next big thing for the field of building and construction.

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