RTD Logistics has joined the Green Business Bureau (GBB) to underscore its commitment to operating sustainably, to enact the GBB sustainability framework and to garner further tools and knowledge in its green efforts. The firm’s initial goals focus on educating staff and management and generating solid sustainability goals. The RTD Logistics team has created a green plan for the company’s Boston, MA headquarters that centers upon reducing waste and improving supply management.


RTD Logistics is a nationwide provider of supply chain management and logistics services. The firm offers on-demand and custom routes, as well as courier services ranging from transporting medical specimens to depositing customer funds at financial institutions. RTD Logistics provides streamlined services throughout the logistical supply chain such as warehousing, cross docking and trucking. In addition, as a third-party logistics provider, RTD serves companies that seek to outsource their supply chain.

Green Journey

RTD Logistics continues to invest in the firm and take on high-impact initiatives that will benefit customers, employees and all other stakeholders. Comprehensive information from the GBB has helped RTD Logistics to significantly reduce waste in its operations. The firm has also implemented a new recycling system that has been embraced by all employees.

Going forward, the firm plans to purchase green appliances and energy-efficient electronics when replacing existing machines. Also, the company aims to continue to educate itself with up-to-date information on sustainability practices for the logistics industry. Importantly, employees have expressed that green behavior has become habit—rather than a once-in-a-while action that only occurs with a reminder. “All of these things add up—even the eco-friendly desk lamps,” said one employee.

Green Business Certification

RTD Logistics is thoughtful about sustainability and dedicated to continuous improvement. The company chose to attain the GBB Certification because of the quality of program initiatives and the trustworthiness of the program. The GBB Certification is a meaningful illustration that sustainability is a priority for the firm.

Eco-friendly Business Growth

RTD Logistics is growing rapidly, and in turn, its sustainability efforts must grow and become more and more formalized. By implementing green initiatives, RTD Logistics will help the environment and create a social benefit, reduce costs in the business, and support the overall logistics industry in moving in a sustainable direction. Aided by GBB, RTD Logistics looks forward to building and maintaining the green practices it values.

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Our goal is to have a positive impact on the community in which our customers and stakeholders live and work. The RTD Logistics team's dedication to sustainable business practices has been inspiring. The empowerment behind the GBB seal have helped drive the firm to be a force for good.

 – Scott Baker, RTD Logistics/Skycom Courier President

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