Rest Right Mattress is an online retailer that provides the highest quality of adjustable beds, pillows, mattress protectors, and mattresses. Their focus is to offer the lowest prices for the highest quality of sleep products, and since they are an online retailer, they eliminate the high overhead cost and pass the savings to their customers. Rest Right believes that everyone can have quality sleep without the high cost, enabling their customers to live the life they deserve.

Driven by customer demand and a desire to focus on sustainable products, Rest Right has added many organic and chemical-free offerings to their website, including organic and natural latex mattresses, as well as organic bedding.  These products benefit customers who have sensitivities to certain chemicals, as the organic and natural materials don’t cause adverse side effects.  Rest Right also is big on education, and regularly author articles about green bedding products – how they’re made, natural and eco-friendly materials, and what to look for when making a purchase.

One of the key drivers for partnering with Green Business Bureau was around customer and employee education and engagement on the importance of being environmentally conscious, and to put a stake in the ground as an emerging leader in the sustainable sleep industry.  Their immediate goal is to carry more sustainable and chemical-free sleep products and provide their customers with the widest variety of options available.

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“We want customers to have access to accurate information when it comes to sustainable sleep products, so it’s important to educate our customers and help them get a good night’s sleep.”
 – Jesse Crow, Rest Right Mattress

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