Prism Electronics offers a variety of services including independent component distribution and asset recovery, IT asset disposition, certified data destruction and electronics recycling.

With 10+ years certification in recognized international standards – R2 (Responsible Recycling), ISO 14001 and ISO 45001– Prism Electronics operates with sustainability as standard procedure, revealing the potential for environmental stewardship and social good in the electronics and IT industry.

Prism Electronics has also put in place a zero landfill policy as well as a repair/refurb department to give equipment a second life and cut down on the amount of electronic waste entering landfills.

In SOP We Trust

From environmental protection to worker safety, Prism Electronics has put in place several Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to guide various aspects of their operations. Prism Electronics has developed a new SOP to outline the purpose and scope of its Sustainability Committee as well as include important reference documents and routine procedures like quarterly meetings and initiative tracking. When it comes to managing a sustainability committee or “green team”, it can be extremely helpful to have an SOP or other official resource in place as a reliable framework and guide for members to turn to.

Zero Waste to Landfill

Keeping up with ever changing industry trends and ensuring processes satisfy both the client and the environment requires forward thinking and solution building that is equal parts creative and pragmatic. Prism Electronics’ Sustainability Committee devotes their collective brain power to minimizing environmental impact when opportunities arise with a focus on zero waste to landfill. So far, the team has secured an eco-friendly method for recycling electronics in which they receive materials from upstream vendors to reuse or reprocess into new material. Prism Electronics’ Sustainability Committee handles facility cleanouts in which materials and equipment are categorized as new, used, needs repair, or marked for teardown to be recycled. It can be a tedious process to make sure everything is redirected to its proper place but it makes a significant positive impact on the environment.

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