Rocket Industrial helps organizations reduce waste with their innovative packaging solutions

of landfill garbage is packaging material of some kind, meaning waste reduction demands a global shift to avoid throwaway solutions, and supporting this shift is the packaging distribution company Rocket Industrial.

Rocket Industrial collaborates with local organizations within midwest America, while also working with businesses on a national level. The business offers unique solutions to help organizations package economically, use less material, demand less energy, and ultimately produce less waste.

Keeping costs low while investing in significant sustainable change

For Rocket Industrial, promoting innovative and low-waste packaging solutions hasn’t been plain sailing. They’ve found that a lot of the time, customers want to be more sustainable, but they don’t want to pay the initial extra cost that’s – sometimes – needed to invest in sustainable design and development.

Being client-focused, Rocket Industrial listens to their customers’ needs with a proactive and positive mindset. As such, the business strives to keep investment costs low, while still delivering significant sustainable change for the businesses they work with. Whether that’s by recycling materials used, substituting products, or minimizing labor.

A packaging distribution business built to tackle our global waste crisis

In 2018, the U.S.A. generated 291.4 million tons of trash, accounting for 12% of the waste generated across the globe. Once more, ⅓ of that waste is packaging material of some kind.

Rocket Industrial’s business model was designed to tackle this waste crisis head-on by supporting organizations worldwide package with less.

Rocket Industrial looks at the whole lifecycle of a package, starting with the product production processes, moving on to product use, and then product disposal.

The aim is to compare the total environmental impact of a product, then promote sustainable packaging ideas to their customers, and make sure environmental claims are valid.

Leading by example with green business certification

Rocket Industrial sought green business certification to showcase their commitment to sustainability. Their aim is to demonstrate to stakeholders the internal changes their business is making to reduce the environmental impact of operations. It’s for this reason that the Green Business Bureau and Rocket Industrial joined forces.

With the Green Business Bureau’s Green Seal of approval, Rocket Industrial gives their customers full transparency over which green initiatives they have successfully implemented and their green goals. This way, Rocket Industrial leads by example.

Rocket Industrial is a transparent green leader in packaging distribution

Rocket Industrial’s sustainability credentials are a Unique Selling point for the business, which the company showcases via their company logo.

packaging distribution

This is a business that’s built on transparent and accurate communication. They value innovative green technology but ensure they communicate sustainable developments true to form.

To do this, Rocket Industrial’s team of experienced, qualified, and expert engineers test and vet any new green product before they add that product to the company’s website. They avoid selling greenwashed products to customers and instead support continued research, collaboration, and progression in the green tech market.

Packaging with less to give back more to communities and our environment

We all share one planet. Keeping it as nice as possible for as long as we live inspires us. 33% of all landfill waste is packaging. That is why we strive to Package With Less™. Rocket Industrial is here to help manufacturers responsibly and economically package with less material, less energy, and less waste. Using less leads to more, more life, more opportunity, and a better earth. Join us as we take action to preserve the natural environment” – President of Rocket Industrial, Ryan Gallagher

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