Born out of a converted filling station in St. Louis back in 1973, Ole Tyme Produce has grown to become a vital part of the Missourian food supply chain, and stands as the largest Woman-Owned Fresh Food Distributor in Missouri. As a wholesale fresh food and grocery distributor, Ole Tyme Produce sources quality products from local growers and producers and delivers them to restaurants, hospitals, schools, professional kitchens, and charitable organizations. Through membership with PRO*ACT, a national network of independently-owned local distributors, Ole Tyme Produce is able to navigate supply chain challenges while ensuring reliable and sustainable distribution to customers.

A Facility Designed with a Purpose

In addition to active involvement in their partnerships, Ole Tyme Produce has found several ways to lower their carbon footprint thanks to the design of their state-of-the-art facility. Using Miatech’s ethylene removal system – ethylene is the natural gas released by ripening fruits and vegetables – and temperature-specific isolated storage zones help extend shelf life and avoid costly and wasteful spoilage. Not to mention the precision of temperature control allows for greater energy efficiency.

The facility is also equipped with biometric access at the entries of its most vulnerable areas. This system supports food safety by preventing passage of outside contaminants as well as conserves energy by stabilizing heating and cooling fluctuations.

The combined impact from motion-sensored LED lighting, in-office and on-site recycling bins, and electric car charging stations effectively lower the facility’s energy consumption and overall costs. The company recycles at least 4 tons of cardboard every month.

A Sustainable Supply Chain Supported By Everyone

As intricate and far-reaching as the food supply chain is, a committed effort and cooperation is needed from everyone involved. To ease the “all or nothing” stance that is often tied to many environmental agendas, Ole Tyme Produce believes in promoting manageable change as a more receptive strategy to achieving long-term sustainability. Together with their partners, Ole Tyme Produce proves how effective supply chains can be when goals are achievable, results are meaningful, and everyone receives the support they need.

“Our success as a company depends on the continued health of our communities. The health of our communities requires the ongoing well-being of the food supply chain. The well-being of the food supply chain means maintaining healthy eco-systems. Healthy eco-systems depend on forward-looking, environmentally-responsible agri-business practices at every level of the agriculture and foodservice industry.”

 – Joan Daleo, President of Ole Tyme Produce, Inc.

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