NM Group, a 2019 EIC and Utility Week Network Awards finalist, optimizes electricity network performance through the use of remote sensing and 3D visualization. With detailed geospatial data, NM Group conducts computer-based analysis to determine transmission line integrity and onsite conditions. In the last two years alone, NM Group has modeled approximately 45,000 miles of overhead lines for vegetation management purposes.

Prework scoping and identifying barriers beforehand reduces abortive labor and unnecessary site visits and aids in the safety of ground support personnel. Moreover, this information allows utility clients to effectively evaluate their assets and determine the safest and most cost effective way to operate them. Improving the efficiency of electricity networks saves energy which is critical to energy security at large.

A Powerhouse of Experts Transforming the Electricity Industry

A recent addition to the multi-industry tech giant, Trimble Inc., NM Group consists of a robust team of specialists that includes electrical and mechanical engineers, software technicians, and geospatial and survey professionals. Their drive and expertise is not only seen in the quality of their products and services but in their motivation to run more sustainably.

NM Group is on a fast track to go green and has already completed several key initiatives such as purchasing ENERGY STAR certified electronics and post-consumer recycled products, routinely updating mailing lists to reduce wasted correspondence, and replacing travel with telecommunication whenever possible. When travel is necessary, NM Group staff fly with airlines engaged in carbon offset programs such as Delta and United. All of these efforts combined contribute to a lower carbon footprint.

“Our success in the utility sector is a team effort, from the product and business development departments, ground support team, aerial sensor operators, engineers and the geospatial technicians.”

 – Tim Hustwayte, Senior Client Manager, NM Group

Active Engagement With Employees and Customers

Ethically aware and forward-thinking, NM Group strongly believes that if you have the power to do good in the world, then why wouldn’t you? It is this progressive thinking that drives NM Group to actively engage with employees and with their community to create positive change.

Creating a work environment that nurtures open discussion and innovation is a key strategy behind NM Group’s success thus far. NM Group further promotes engagement by offering online webinars and virtual training to a wide array of utility sector and public works departments including consultants, engineers, right of way coordinators, and line service managers.

Giving Back to the Local Community

NM Group has plans to grow its outreach efforts by giving back to the community. Through Community Canopy, a corporate sponsorship program offered by the Arbor Day Foundation, NM Group funds tree plantings to help in energy conservation and climate resiliency. It is an important part of the NM Group mission to extend its commitment beyond its products and positively impact its stakeholders.

NM Group strives to protect energy security through the preservation of these complex power networks. In a symbolic sense, NM Group is its own power network – a network of passionate individuals who extend their knowledge, skills, and commitment to every client and who pursue the opportunities to excel forward.

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