New program will enable National Association of REALTORS®’ members to verifiably demonstrate their sustainability

Green Business Bureau (GBB) has partnered with the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) to bring the GBB sustainability program, framework, and certification to the real estate industry. GBB and NAR are working together to make businesses more sustainable, to protect our planet and workers by enabling REALTOR® associations to manage a sustainability program and verifiably demonstrate their sustainability to employees, customers, and partners. The partnership will enable companies to validate their commitment to sustainability and stand out among their peers.

Sustainability should not just be a buzzword. All businesses, including REALTOR® associations and brokerages, can play their part to make positive and sustainable contributions. Sustainability needs to be part of your business strategy. By joining GBB, our members can make improvements in their operations and more effectively communicate their value proposition and highlight their green commitments and accomplishments.” – Amanda Stinton, Director of Leadership and Sustainability at the National Association of REALTORS®

Sustainable Real Estate Industry

There’s a green movement in business and that includes the real estate industry.

Demand for real estate companies that practice sustainability and understand its importance is rapidly increasing. This trend is expected to accelerate upwards as the younger generation enters the housing market. In fact, a recent report by the National Association of REALTORS® states more than half of respondents found clients were at least somewhat interested in sustainability.

Prospective home buyers want to see that their REALTOR® is keeping up with the global trend towards sustainability and can guide them through this piece of the home buying process. So, whether you’re a REALTOR® with a small or large brokerage, making your practice more sustainable can be a key differentiator between you and the competition on the market today.

“GBB and NAR are driving a change in mindset on how we think about sustainability in real estate. Many business and home owners are seeking out eco-friendly buildings and homes. Real estate companies need to understand how to not only serve these stakeholders but be sustainable themselves. We’re looking to shake things up and get the real estate world thinking a little greener. Working together, GBB and NAR are committed to making the future of real estate more sustainable. – Bill Zujewski, CMO of Green Business Bureau


NAR Members Save 20%

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Join for recognition:

  • Certify your green initiatives… the process is easy and online.
  • Use the trusted Green Business Bureau seal to show the world you care.

Join for guidance:

  • Tap into our library of hundreds of green initiatives with step-by-step implementation guidelines.
  • Get free support from a GBB sustainability analyst.

Become a sustainability leader:

  • Increase awareness of your commitment to sustainability.
  • Elevate your brand and build your strategy.

What is the GBB Green Business EcoAssessment and EcoProfile

GBB will provide NAR members with an online application for the GBB EcoAssessment™ and a library of initiatives and plans in the EcoPlanner™ tool to understand, prioritize, implement and certify their green initiatives.

The EcoPlanner™, featuring a list of continually-expanding initiatives, will enable members to get credit for the sustainability actions they have already taken for their businesses, including recycling, efficient lighting, solar (and green energy), plastic elimination, waste management, and carbon offsetting. Businesses reaching the gold and platinum levels will then be verified by the Green Business Bureau.

We’re excited to provide our sustainability management and certification solution to NAR members. The Green Business Bureau seal is well known and trusted, enabling green businesses to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. Businesses committed to a green cause will get the credit they’ve earned and deserve.” – Tom Permatteo, CEO/Founder, Green Business Bureau

WHY should NAR members join

Sustainability certification for business is more than just a stamp of approval. It’s a commitment to making positive and impactful business change.

These green programs and social initiatives are not just one-off tactics. They can build upon each other to ensure eco-friendly and socially responsible programs are ingrained into each part of a business. Businesses join GBB and become more sustainable to:

  • Contribute to fighting climate change and protecting the environment.
  • Create a more socially responsible corporate culture.
  • Become more efficient, reduce energy costs, and minimize waste.
  • Demonstrate their commitment to customers and partners.
  • Demonstrate their commitment to employees and job applicants who want to work for sustainable companies.
  • Elevate their brand and reputation while promoting their sustainable business to attract new clients who want to buy from green companies.

HOW does the NAR Green Business Program work

Leveraging the NAR GBB Sustainability Program is all online and easy. Here are the steps:

  • Companies sign up for membership at for immediate access to GBB’s library of green initiatives and an online EcoPlanner tool that includes initiatives relevant to your industry.
  • All NAR members get a 20% discount on GBB membership and certification (use the Coupon Code NAR20 when you join and checkout online).
  • Once you sign up, you’ll receive your account credentials to log in.
  • You will complete the GBB EcoAssessment to earn EcoPoints for the green initiatives already completed and to create your baseline EcoScore.
  • Once a business completes the GBB prerequisites, it will be able to earn different levels of the Green Business Bureau status seals (with GBB verification) and share its official EcoProfile publicly.
  • Companies are encouraged to use the EcoPlanner regularly to find and implement new green initiatives and become even greener businesses.
  • Businesses will be able to earn the Gold- and Platinum-level GBB seals by completing more initiatives and earning the required number of EcoPoints for each level.
  • The Green Business Bureau Member Success Team is available to help NAR members each step of the way.


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