Operating across the San Francisco Bay and Minneapolis metropolitan areas, Mulberrys Garment Care is a luxury dry cleaner that prides itself on its carbon neutral and eco-friendly practices.

Using the top of the line cleaning techniques and sustainable products, Mulberrys strives to have a positive impact on the environment, their employees, and the customers and communities they serve.

The Greener Dry Cleaner

Many may not think about the environmental impact that their favorite button-down has when they drop it off at the dry cleaners. However, the dry cleaning industry has been responsible for generating incredible amounts of pollution from toxic chemicals, machinery exhaust, cheap plastic hangers and other throw-away materials. Not to mention the strain that dry cleaning has on energy and water resources.

Mulberrys aims to change this by showing that dry cleaning can in fact be a low waste and environmentally sound process.

Net-Zero Champions

From their inception, sustainability has been at the forefront of Mulberrys’ values and goals. Mulberrys has achieved carbon neutrality – that is, the net-zero release of carbon dioxide emissions – by powering its facilities with solar and wind power.

Mulberrys also utilizes a water recycling system as well as a “return and earn” program that incentivizes customers to return garment hangers (made from recycled wood) for reuse. They even wrap customers’ clothing in recyclable, biodegradable packaging.

And of course, Mulberrys does its research when purchasing non-toxic detergents and solvents, eliminating harmful chemicals from their wastewater.

Policy Makes The Difference

Following a thorough green policy has been key to the success that Mulberry has made as a sustainable business so far. Molly Coop, Director of the company’s California locations, is to thank as Mulberrys did not previously have any written guidelines. While it took some time to get all six stores to effectively use the policy, Molly’s work has turned abstract goals into actionable steps, helping the entire company understand the how and why of their sustainability mission.

Mulberrys’ policy includes precise guidelines for ordering supplies that are truly eco-friendly such as paper towels, toilet paper, printer paper and all other paper products made from post-consumer content. The policy also oversees completing day-to-day tasks such as printing double sided, separating garbage and recyclables, and efficient temperature control of their facilities via Nest thermostats.

As fixtures and old appliances start to fail, Mulberrys upgrades to the latest, most resource-efficient products such as LED bulbs and low-flow toilets. Breakrooms are also equipped with reusable cups and flatware for employees to use, reducing waste from single-use plastics.

In an effort to modernize the dry cleaning industry while maintaining the old art of garment care, Mulberrys puts careful thought into every decision they make as they know their choices have an impact on others and the planet.

“Mulberrys Garment Care wants to be the future of all dry cleaning and laundry. We want to prove that the old art of caring for people's clothing can still be revolutionized and modernized for today’s society. Mulberrys wants to be the better, safer, and greener cleaning option that many people in our communities are striving for.”

– Molly Coop, Director of Mulberrys Garment Care California Locations

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