MAYO Designs is a web design and marketing firm that believes in making the world a better place.  Through their philosophy of being purpose-driven, passion-fueled, and people-oriented, they help companies build strategies, attract customers, and convert sales.

It can be challenging to effectively scale impact and see the results in revenue when juggling so many moving parts and bringing green business products and services to the market, and this is where MAYO comes in.  By partnering with their clients to drive optimal impact, the MAYO team digs in to understand a company’s products, services, core values, vision, and objectives, and then interprets and translates that story into a powerful solution that can be presented in the most impactful way.

Because MAYO Designs focuses on sustainability and working with sustainable organizations, joining Green Business Bureau provided an opportunity to leverage industry leading online tools that help their business navigate a sustainability framework and not only determine areas of focus, but prioritize greening and sustainability future plans.

Three key areas of notable success have focused on recycled materials, the creation of a sustainable office culture, and their vast – and vitally important – community involvement.  Each area has provided significant benefits as outlined:

“We’ve gone through an extensive internal education on sustainability and have found that it’s almost like learning a new language. The goal is to transition the business towards sustainability and attract companies that are like-minded and have shared values and aspirations. We want to share what we’ve learned and let people know what we stand for so they can better understand why we do what we do, and we hope that they join us in practicing sustainability and protecting our planet.”
 – Carrie Mayo, MAYO Designs
  • Recycled Materials

    Instead of throwing out old machines, they put them to good use.  Used electronics typically have the capability of being brought back to life, so they thrive on utilizing older machines and then leverage cloud applications for information repositories and communication.

  • Sustainable and Virtual Office

    To limit the waste of resources and conserve energy, MAYO shares an office space with one of their partners and encourages team members to work from home several days per week and use web conference technology to both enable seamless communication and reduce travel to and from customer locations.  This helps to reduce their carbon footprint and provides a flexible environment for their employees.

  • Community Involvement

    MAYO plans and hosts annual beach cleanups in their local communities in Maine and New Hampshire.  These events benefit their employees, customers, and the community by providing opportunities to get involved, make a real and lasting impact, and volunteer.  Additionally, the benefits to the ocean and delicate sea life are immeasurable.

Looking optimistically towards the future, MAYO has a vision to create an eco-friendly co-working space for likeminded companies in the seacoast region of Maine and New Hampshire that will support environmentally sustainability while offering flexible, scalable, and affordable office and conference room space.

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