Premium haircare company, MASAMI, sets the bar when it comes to clean haircare products. Rejecting the harsh and damaging ingredients of conventional haircare – sulfates, parabens and phthalates – MASAMI has created a line of products that nourishes and protects hair health. Natural, vegan and cruelty-free, MASAMI’s salon-quality products are infused with Mekabu powder, a Japanese ocean botanical that gives hair weightless hydration and a healthy shine.


Since launching in February 2020, MASAMI’s mission has been to make clean, non-toxic beauty the standard for the industry. Now, they’re embracing something new – “conscious beauty”. For MASAMI, conscious beauty means actively seeking new and better ways to be more environmentally and socially responsible. From their formulations and packaging to their go-to-market strategy, MASAMI is making efforts to instill sustainability throughout their operations.

MASAMI’s formulations are created to EU standards which are much stricter than those in the US (over 1,300 cosmetic ingredients are banned in the EU versus just 11 in the US). However, conscious beauty doesn’t just mean choosing safe, good-for-you-and-the-planet ingredients. It also means being aware of where these ingredients are sourced and the impact this has on other communities. MASAMI’s hero ingredient, Mekabu powder, is sourced fresh from a family-owned seaweed farm in Japan, supporting these hardworking individuals and giving back to their local economy.


In addition to purchasing recycled paper products, reusing packing materials whenever possible and active recycling, MASAMI launched refillable product bottles with refill pouches to help eliminate unnecessary waste. They continue to search for eco-friendly packaging alternatives that meet their product and shipping needs at a reasonable price. This is a common obstacle for the beauty and haircare industry as alternative packaging solutions are still in development.

In another effort to offset their carbon and plastic footprint, MASAMI has joined GreenPrint’s IMPACT COLLECTIVE program which allows members to calculate and offset their footprints through investing in certified sequestration and restoration projects around the world.

Now Platinum level certified, MASAMI has benefited from the step-by-step simplicity that the Green Business Bureau certification program offers. Being green business certified along with joining worldwide efforts to cut the global carbon footprint is a strong reflection of MASAMI’s commitment to doing their part in restoring the earth.


Masami” which translates to “truly beautiful” not only reflects human health and beauty, but the beauty and harmony of nature and how we are intrinsically tied to it. Located in the Iwate Prefecture of Northeast Japan, the MASAMI Institute helps preserve and restore the fragile ocean ecosystems where Mekabu is harvested. By working with local fisherman and coastline preservation groups, MASAMI helps to research, monitor and document each season’s growth, ensuring that they are replenishing the resources they rely on.

Beyond funding ocean research and restoration, MASAMI works to educate the world on the importance of sustainability. As MASAMI expands their relationships with salons across the nation – some of their most notable partners include Spoke & Weal and Dreamdry – they are eager to show customers and stakeholders that being a good steward of the earth is every company’s responsibility.

“We believe that what we take from the earth, we should replenish.”

– Lynn Power, Co-Founder & CEO of MASAMI

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