Based in the bustling city of Los Angeles, California, Leaf’d is an online marketplace that provides ethical and sustainable products of all kinds. From skincare and clothing to home decor and pet supplies, shoppers in the U.S. and Canada are delighted to find a variety of products that are both gift-worthy and eco-friendly. Leaf’d promotes this shift to green consumerism and ensures that its production values and those of its vendors are truly sustainable.

Credibility and Transparency: Green Business Must Haves

To combat a market saturated in greenwashing – the act of making false claims that a good or service is environmentally friendly – Leaf’d researches the credibility and integrity of vendors applying to sell on their platform. Through deliberate fact-checking and a secure vetting process, Leaf’d verifies the authenticity of its vendors and ensures  that all products sold on their site live up to the bottom line.

Leaf’d aims for transparency of its values and environmental and social justice. Joining Green Business Bureau was a way for the company to validate their commitment to sustainability and share their efforts with its partners and community. From implementing a paper reduction policy to donating proceeds to an environmental cause, Leaf’d has made its own adjustments to operate more sustainably and to “walk the talk.” They encourage vendors and consumers to follow their lead.

Sustainability Is For People and Planet

Sustainability is often looked at as an environment-only problem, when in reality it has deep roots in social responsibility and social justice. Leaf’d looks beyond eco-friendly products to ensure that the sourcing and manufacturing of these items support ethical trade and fair labor practices.

Leaf’d strives to be a resource for people across all economic and social strata, ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations. Diversity and inclusivity are necessary parts of sustainability. By welcoming different perspectives, more solutions can be found to tackle our greatest environmental and social issues. Leaf’d stands by its values and priorities by having free advertising for vendors who sell on their platform, and by creating inclusive blog content on a variety of topics on sustainability.

An Outlook on Eco-friendly Products and the Greening Economy

“Sustainability is the present and future”, Sarah Zitin, Editorial Director at Leaf’d says. The growing number of sustainable products being manufactured by businesses and even corporations, is evidence that consumers have become more environmentally aware and are pushing corporate America to go green. Leaf’d has witnessed a rising younger demographic among its vendors and consumers – a trend that has resounding consequences throughout the global economy.

The move towards purchasing sustainable and ethically-made products couldn’t have happened at a better time as societies worldwide are healing from systemic failures, and taking action on global challenges like climate change and social justice.

As the economy pivots towards green consumerism, resiliency and letting go of ineffective practices is the new paradigm in business. But one thing is true: The transition towards a more sustainable, ethical, fair trade and inclusive economy has gone  global, and it takes more than a village to make it happen.

“Our values, ethics and goals are to promote, encourage, educate and inform the global community on the importance of living a sustainable life in all areas of our lives. Reducing the negative effects of climate change is our #1 priority. We are passionate about our mission to make the world a safer, healthier and greener place for our children and future generations. By promoting exclusively eco-friendly products, we are part of the solution that will eventually begin the ripple that makes a tsunami of world change, in order to ensure for all of us a brighter future. As companies large and small turn more towards sustainability, we realize that our responsibility is to reach out wherever we can and make the changes necessary for a healthy, thriving planet.”

 – Sarah Zitin, Editorial Director/Writer of Leaf’d

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