Today, we are proud to officially announce our partnership with

GBB members can market themselves on the Intengine marketplace.

Intengine helps people find and buy from socially and environmentally responsible businesses. By joining Intengine, our Green Business Bureau members can connect with other sustainable businesses and market their products and services on the Intengine marketplace, the world’s most comprehensive and relevant database of responsible businesses.

The importance of sustainability in business is undeniable.

Customers, employees and partners all prefer doing business with sustainable companies. Intengine and Green Business Bureau (GBB) have partnered to connect sustainable businesses with each other. Our companies are both built on a foundation of helping businesses become more environmentally and socially responsible. We both help our customers promote their accomplishments in a credible way, making this collaboration a perfect match.

Intengine customers get access to the GBB Certification.

Intengine will provide their customers with access to Green Business Bureau’s trusted online green certification program which offers over 400 self-guided greening initiatives. GBB membership includes online tools for managing and certifying sustainability initiatives. The GBB EcoAssessment™ and EcoPlanner™ tools enable businesses to understand, prioritize, implement and certify green initiatives and sustainable business practices.

We live in a fragmented marketplace.

Would you be surprised to hear that despite the increasing demand for business and government to improve their supply chain, there was currently no centralized resource that housed the information? Until now.

Intengine has dedicated years to research, categorize and fill these gaps with information that makes planning simple by helping people find and buy from socially and environmentally responsible businesses and support every detail with information to help people understand why sustainable choices matter.

Intengine and GBB are joining forces.

“We’re pleased to partner with Green Business Bureau. Their online green certification program and sustainability tools complement our marketplace services,” said, Connie Linder, Founder & CEO of Intengine. “Working together with GBB, our team will work with companies to promote their sustainable products and services, targeting customers looking to purchase from companies known to be truly sustainable.”

“We’re excited to have partners like Intengine using our certification program to validate companies’ sustainability accomplishments”, said Tom Permatteo, president of GBB.  “Intengine will make it easy for our members to be discovered by consumers and businesses looking for sustainable companies to do business with.”

Small and large organizations are making the commitment to get certified and listed in a directory and marketplace. If you are one of those businesses, you can reach out to Intengine directly at to learn more about their marketplace and services.

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