Toronto based and internationally known, Impetus Digital offers life sciences companies a robust platform for virtualizing team meetings, co-author working groups, training sessions, advisory boards, conferences, and much more. Through a diverse range of synchronous and asynchronous online tools, their clients are able to facilitate discussions, educate, collect insight, and share data reliably without the need to travel. Impetus Digital, a recent feature in the PM360 Innovations Issue, helps strengthen the relationships among healthcare professionals, payers, and patients through quality communication and creative collaboration.

Reducing the Global Carbon Footprint

Impetus Digital’s interactive platform not only connects participants from near and far, it has profound  benefits for the planet too. By replacing or augmenting in-person meetings with remote alternatives, travel emissions are substantially reduced and the waste and costs from printed agendas, food and drink, and other meeting materials are avoided. Set to officially launch in 2021, Impetus Digital’s Insite Event™ platform will expand the green benefits of virtual events on a larger scale by replicating all aspects of real medical conferences. The platform will deliver the educational and networking value of large assemblies while also supporting planetary wellbeing.

“Working in the pharmaceutical and medical space, we understand that physical and mental health are closely intertwined with social and environmental factors, out of which the single biggest threat is the ongoing climate crisis. Through our new green initiatives, we hope to not only minimize our own environmental footprint but also inspire other companies and individuals to do the same.”

– Cecilia Petrus, Senior Medical Writer and Leader of the Impetus Digital Green Team

The Power of a Green Team

Dubbed “small but mighty”, the Impetus Digital green team ensures the company stays on track with its green goals and employees are aligned with this sustainability commitment. With representation from sales, marketing, digital and client services, the six member team is actively brainstorming new ways to enhance sustainable thinking within the company and their clients. Among others, participating in a plant-a-tree program and organizing company-wide (remote) Earth Day activities are some initiatives proposed for the future. So, while the Impetus Digital team operates in different corners of the world, they build collective momentum and positive change through networking and their individual contributions.

Establishing Trust Through Sustainability

Green team leader and Senior Medical Writer, Cecilia Petrus, is passionate about combating pseudo-science and protecting the integrity of medical and science research. Especially in regard to the climate crisis, a global target of debate, trust and transparency are critical to fighting fake news and determining the best decisions for our future.

The GBB green business certification was a way for Impetus Digital to validate their environmental commitment to stakeholders and gain their trust. Through GBB’s clear, step-by-step guidance, Impetus Digital is able to showcase their current achievements as well as future areas of improvement. Beyond highlighting the environmental impact of in-person versus virtual meetings in their own articles and visuals online, Impetus Digital is also looking to add energy-saving information along with the GBB Eco Seal into client-facing materials such as proposals and reports.

Looking towards a post-COVID future, Impetus Digital expects the demand for in-person meetings to rise again but are ready to make eco-conscious compromises with clients such as paying carbon offsets and hiring eco-friendly venues, food vendors, and other services to host meetings.

By enhancing the virtual meeting experience, Impetus Digital helps more meaningful interactions to take place within the life sciences industries. Reliable communication and active collaboration show how important the human element is in the decision-making and breakthroughs of medical and healthcare. Impetus Digital further supports this valuable network by preserving the planet that makes it all possible.

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