Honoring a Legacy

From a very young age, Sharon Harris’ grandparents taught her many lessons that she employs in her business and in her life, such as the importance of thoughtful care for the land and the people around you; being frugal with resources that would otherwise unnecessarily end up in a landfill; using natural and healthy ingredients instead of taking shortcuts; and eliminating waste.  These values can all be seen in the products that Helen’s Pound Cake™ sells locally in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, as well as the products that she ships across the country.

Promoting Green Starts at Home

Sharon’s passion and drive for greening Dallas led her to evaluate Green Certification solutions, where she chose Green Business Bureau as the official green certification platform and green leader for Helen’s Pound Cake™.  According to Sharon, “you are actually doing something that brings attention to the devaluation of our environment every single day.  I wanted to join a community of likeminded individuals that were leading our communities towards real and lasting change.  My goal is to keep the topics of greening and sustainability front and center, and Green Business Bureau makes that all possible.”

Impact of Greening the Business

Helen’s Pound Cake™ has been an innovator and an outspoken sustainability advocate on social media and in her local community.  By saving egg shells to be used for compost on her rooftop garden, for example, she has used that one simple act as a platform for telling those in her local community about her mission for greening the planet and educating those around her about the critical and positive aspects of preserving valuable resources.  She regularly encourages people to care about the planet and is currently writing a book about her experiences in building a green business.

Giving Back

One of the things that drives Sharon Harris and Helen’s Pound Cake™ is the act of giving back to her community, whether it be the local police and firefighters or the homeless and unemployed who regularly find themselves on the sweet end of donations of unsold cakes.  Providing a ‘thank you’ with a slice of cake or an offering of help to a hurting stranger goes back to the values that were instilled by her grandparents.

As a truly unique (and delicious) small business with a big heart for green and her community, Helen’s Pound Cake™ is a great example of what can happen when passion and leadership is coupled with a meaningful cause.  They are a proud Platinum Certified member of Green Business Bureau.

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Helen's Pound Cake has earned GBB Platinum Status

Click on the GBB Seal to learn more about the Sustainable Initiatives Helen’s Pound Cake has implemented to earn their GBB Platinum Status.

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