Serving the London, Ontario area, GreenTech Painting is a family-owned and operated eco-friendly painting company that offers services for both the residential and commercial sectors. From interior to exterior, GreenTech Painting not only guarantees quality workmanship and custom solutions but promotes the health and safety of their customers, communities and environment too.

“From Quoting to Disposing”

At GreenTech Painting, the philosophy “from quoting to disposing” reflects how sustainability is incorporated throughout every area of the company. As a member of Green Business Bureau, the Canada Green Building Council, and Green Economy Canada through the Green Economy London Hub, GreenTech Painting has confronted the pollutive nature of today’s painting industry by making some significant changes to their own practices. So far, they have achieved more than 90% reduction in water use compared to traditional painting processes which also translates to 90% less polluted water released back into the environment. Beyond preserving the integrity of water supplies, GreenTech Painting protects air quality by only using zero-VOC and CO2 absorbent paints. These products do not emit harmful chemicals and airborne particles unlike many traditional paints still used today. In fact, a 15-liter bucket of CO2 paint can sequester over 10 kilograms of CO2 a year!

GreenTech painter applies CO2-absorbent stucco to home interior

Further, GreenTech Painting has put in place a paper reduction policy in which paper is strictly limited for marketing, branding, quoting and invoicing purposes. So far, they have achieved an over 90% reduction. If necessary, however, then the GreenTech Painting team finds a sustainable, and often unique, solution for their paper use. For instance, their business cards are made from recycled and biodegradable seed paper. Rather than ending up as useless waste in the landfill, these plantable cards degrade in soil and grow into herbs and flowering plants, making this a big win for bees and other pollinators. In the workplace, they have also organized a cycling program to save energy, offset commute emissions and encourage exercising.

And the green achievements don’t stop there! Beginning in 2019, GreenTech Painting launched a tree planting campaign in which one tree was planted for every project completed. GreenTech Painting joined Reforest London and its “Million Tree Challenge” with the aim to inspire Londoners to enhance the environmental and human health of their Forest City.

The GreenTech Painting team

Creating Change Takes Everyone 

Like pieces to a puzzle, GreenTech Painting recognizes how essential each person is in creating positive change. From president to painter, the GreenTech Painting team is a collective of forward-thinkers and sustainability advocates. Their dedicated teamwork sparks the innovation and ambition needed to create solutions and drive change in the painting industry.

GreenTech Painting’s sustainability goals are further supported by the Green Business Bureau platform. The tool has helped GreenTech Painting evaluate their sustainability performance, uncover opportunities for improvement and strategize goals. Further, GreenTech Painting’s GBB Member Profile allows them to share their progress and achievements with their stakeholders. Sharing with their community is particularly important as GreenTech Painting continues to raise awareness of zero-VOC paints and their importance in human and environmental wellbeing.

Backed By Science

GreenTech Painting founders, Juan Carlos Granados and Yarinka Rojas, both have extensive backgrounds in the Biological Sciences. Granados’ experience in sustainable agriculture, tropical botany and pesticide research combined with Rojas’ expertise in plant biotechnology and occupational health has allowed them to redirect the painting industry and find a balance between technology and nature. 

For Granados and Rojas, the interconnection between business practice and human and ecological health is clearly evident. Thus, scientific fact and understanding has been as the core of their business model and their sustainability mission going forward.

Juan Carlos Granados and Yarinka Rojas after receiving Environmental Stewardship Award

“A successful future for human civilization is demanding a balance between technology and nature, this philosophy is in the core values of our company. Hence, we are addressing all of our efforts in making a positive impact throughout the journey of the painting services. This is the time to take action and join our efforts to save the planet! We are working hard to minimize our footprints as we grow, and we are committed to making it easier for our customers too. We know we still have a long way to go. There is more to do and we can’t do it alone, but together, we can be eco-friendly, socially responsible and protect the environment that we love. We can make the vision a reality to ensure that sustainability continues to be at the heart of our services all along the journey. And, as our slogan dictates we will continue ‘Painting with consciousness for a greener community.``

 – Yarinka Rojas, CEO of GreenTech Painting

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