Wine Stains?  No Problem!

When most people think of Napa Valley, they no doubt envision miles-upon-miles of rolling vineyards, luxurious wineries, perfect accommodations, stunning mountains, and big, bold Napa Cabernet Sauvignon.  And they wouldn’t be wrong. Napa is all of that and so much more.

But what a lot of people don’t see is the tremendously hard work that comes with not only making wine, but also farming and managing an agricultural paradise.  It’s tireless, dirty work that enables the locals and tourists to drink – and spill – that beautiful, luscious Napa Cab. But with every spill comes a solution.

Greene’s Cleaners is Napa Valley’s premier dry cleaner.  They provide dry cleaning and laundry to both Napa and Sonoma Valleys with free pickup and delivery, enabling their customers to rest easy and feel content knowing that their garments will be thoroughly cleaned and treated with the utmost care.

Greene – Not Just a Name

Understanding that having a dedicated focus on sustainability is key to reducing a company’s overall environmental impact, Greene’s Cleaners, also a member of GBB partner America’s Best Cleaners, joined Green Business Bureau to learn more about sustainability initiatives available that could impact their business, and to leverage GBB’s industry-specific initiatives for the Dry Cleaner industry.

“Putting the ‘green’ in Greene’s Cleaners is at the forefront of everything we do – our goal is to reduce the footprint our company leaves on the environment so it can be preserved for our children.”
 – Laurie Corona, Owner – Greene’s Cleaners

Eco-Friendlier Cleaning

One of the differentiators that make Greene’s Cleaners unique is their use of K4 Solvent as opposed to the proven-toxic PERC solution.  K4 is USDA BioPreferred® because it is made from US-grown corn and has similar cleaning ability to PERC without the environmental and health concerns previously associated with dry cleaning.

To date, Greene’s sustainability initiatives have involved retrofitting their lighting with LED lights, replacing their boiler to reduce gas, and a major project to install solar panels on the roof of their production facility that will provide a 50-70% reduction in electricity.  The next phase will look at equipment upgrades to reduce water usage.

As a California company, there is heightened scrutiny on single use plastic, so future plans include identifying and implementing solutions for biodegradable poly and paper handle bags, along with enhanced solutions for increased hanger recycling and water recycling, which they already focus on in their business.

Greene’s plans to use the GBB EcoPlanner™ tool to support their ongoing sustainability plan, using it as their roadmap for future achievements.  Additionally, their goal is to use their GBB membership to engage customers and employees, while educating them on the vast benefits and merits of green certification and sustainability.

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