Green Me Locally began paving the way to sustainability in 2010 within the Tampa Bay area region. The business was created with a goal of creating an authentic and quality resource for people in their local areas to learn how to lessen their environmental impact, live a healthier lifestyle and locate and support green businesses. Today, Green Me Locally  is a global resource for consumers and small businesses. They help consumers  find sustainable businesses, events and environmental education. They also work with businesses and offer consulting services where they specialize in helping companies lower their environmental impact and do good things for people and the planet.

Green Business Bureau Partner and Member

Green Me Locally recently became a partner of the Green Business Bureau (GBB) to collaborate on sustainability solutions and programs for small businesses in Florida.  The GBB framework and tools are helping Green Me Locally learn more about where businesses can lower their carbon footprint and protect the environment. Green Me Locally will also help small businesses get GBB Green Business Certified and use the online GBB green business dashboard to track EcoPoints(™) for each business it engages with to help make them more accountable in their sustainable efforts.

Not Just A Sustainability Consultant, But Also Running a Sustainable Business

Green Me Locally is not just a partner of GBB, but also a member, committed to running a green business.  The company’s green and good initiatives include:

    • Implementing office recycling and composting
    • Elimination of single use items in the kitchen (only reusables)
    • Use of office supplies that are sustainable in nature and only purchased as needed
    • Giving back programs including partnering with One Tree Planted where they donate each month to help plant trees around the world

Recycling Experts

The Green Me Locally team are experts in recycling. They have been implementing and educating the industry for over 25 years. Through their own trials of recycling, they have found creative ways to help their clients lessen their waste, avoid contamination and get everyone involved.

To learn more about GreenMeLocally, visit their website at

``It's exciting to be a business leader on the forefront of sustainability and an example of what is possible in lessening your carbon footprint.``

 – Tara LaSalla, President & Business Profitability Consultant, Green Me Locally

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