“Connecting the Living and the Built Environment”

Ginkgo Sustainability Inc. is bringing sustainability into the built environment through living roofs and living walls, structures that use plant power to lower building energy use, reduce stormwater runoff, improve air quality and encourage biodiversity. Ginkgo offers consulting, design, installation and maintenance services for green walls and green roofs to help clients realize their green building goals.


Living roofs and walls incorporate biophilic design, the art of creating a connection between nature and the built environment to improve human wellbeing and the environment. Biophilic design can be applied at different scales, from the interior/exterior of a building to whole neighborhoods and towns (called biophilic urbanism).

By creating a harmonious relationship between nature and the built environment, urban areas can support nature rather than disturb it, and reap several environmental and economic benefits. Living roofs and walls help lower a building’s energy use and surrounding urban temperatures by reducing heat island effects, the absorption and re-emission of the sun’s heat. These green structures also attenuate stormwater runoff, saving nearby water bodies from erosion and leaching fertilizer, chemicals, waste and other components.

It is also through this reconnection with nature that mental and physical health is improved. Living walls and roofs act as a noise buffer, cut down on air pollutants and create tranquil spaces for increased productivity and wellness.


With over 12 years worth of experience, Ginkgo’s diligence in becoming a leader in the green infrastructure industry is due in part to its ongoing training of staff to remain abreast of industry developments and target new growth opportunities. Prioritizing the health and safety of its own employees is another crucial element in Ginkgo’s success and it reflects their mission to improve human wellness within workspaces.

Ginkgo has already achieved several certifications, licenses, affiliations and accreditation:

  • Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Corporate Member, Treasurer and Board Member
  • Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Committee Member for the Green Roofs Committee, Green Walls Committee and Corporate Member Committee
  • Green Business Bureau Certified
  • LEED Certified
  • Ontario Association of Landscape Architects (OALA
  • Green Roof Professional (GRP)
  • WHMIS Certification
  • OHSA Workplace Health and Safety Awareness Training for Workers and Supervisors
  • Working at Heights
  • And currently pursuing COR and WELL Certification

Ginkgo is actively committed to applying green business practices both in their own workspace and in their clients’ projects. This includes minimizing project waste, reusing leftover materials and choosing sustainable products and services.


Asma Bashirivand is Ginkgo’s sustainability consultant with over 14 years of biomimicry design and 5 years of international research experience. With a bachelor’s in Sustainable Design and a master’s in Sustainable and Biomimetic Environmental Management Design, her interest and expertise lay in integrating nature into the built environment and optimizing the benefits that nature provides such as improved health and energy conservation.

Asma utilizes her knowledge of ecological principles, environmental, resource management, and building design to develop biophilic and sustainable design solutions for Ginkgo’s clients.

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