Freedom Lawns USA Inc. is an organic-based lawn care company that focuses on a safer approach to residential lawn, commercial lawn and ornamental plant care. Their franchises provide organic based lawn and plant care for residential and commercial clients using their own organic-based products and a sound integrated eco-friendly pest management program.

Long List of Green Initiatives

Freedom Lawns has been a GBB member since 2010 and continues to add more green initiatives to their operations every year.  They now use organic and natural products for such things as mole control, insect control and weed control. They have gone to all electric sprayers as opposed to gas sprayers which most companies still use.  They utilize a software program that allows them to greatly improve fleet routing thus reducing fuel consumption. They continue to promote the importance and necessity of preserving the integrity of water quality and even plan to make the transition to electric powered vehicles. Their commitment to sustainability is impressive and impactful.

A Green Philosophy: Environment Concerns Always Come First

Most companies in the lawn care industry service all lawns the same without considering environmental factors and the individual needs of the lawn or landscape. Freedom’s philosophy is “the environment comes first” and is practiced throughout our franchise organization. They closely evaluate and monitor each customer’s property before applying products and determine when it is necessary to address an insect or disease issue. As a last resort, when they have to apply product, they use the product with the lowest impact on people, pets and the local ecosystems.

Freedom Lawns of Charleston

As a franchise organization, Freedom Franchise offers a unique opportunity for new or existing business owners who care about their customers and the environment and who want to make a difference in their local communities.  One of those franchises is Freedom Lawns of Charleston.  This woman-owned franchise in a predominantly male oriented lawn care industry is a great story of strength, perseverance and resilience.  Being a woman and having to deal with the death of her husband to ALS hasn’t deterred the owner, Kathleen Smith, from achieving success with her organic based lawn care franchise.  It’s an amazing story shared on the Freedom Lawns web site.

Make sure you understand what you can expect out of your business at start up and aim high but anticipate the struggles that will surely come along with such a journey. You have to decide the path that will work best for you.

Kathleen Smith, Owner, Freedom Lawns of Charlestown, SC

Today, Freedom Franchise operates in 5 states from Virginia to Georgia and is seeking potential franchisees for growth into new areas.  For more information about Freedom Franchise, please visit them at

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