No matter the size, budget, or form, FNTECH translates business aspirations into high quality, memorable events. For over 20 years, they have partnered with top-tier companies such as Apple, Facebook, and Vans on in-person, virtual, and hybrid events worldwide. Known as a “one-stop shop”, FNTECH oversees the entire event supply chain from creative design to production and management. With this big picture viewpoint, FNTECH can more effectively control and evaluate all aspects of event creation including its sustainability impact.

Reuse, Recycle, and Donate

Given the vast amount of waste that is typically generated from in-person events, FNTECH has sought various solutions for reutilizing these often thrown away items.

FNTECH’s Southern California headquarters (they have a second location in the California Northern Bay Area) is equipped with a virtual reality lab, virtual stage, 3D printing hub, and a robust wood/metal fabrication shop which means if a client can dream it, FNTECH can build it.

But what happens to these podiums, stage props, and other event pieces? In the effort to encourage clients to use “Evergreen” pieces, items that can be reused year after year, FNTECH provides warehouse storage for its clients to keep items for future events. If clients no longer need their event materials, they can return them to FNTECH to be incorporated into new events or donated to the community.

When materials cannot be reused, FNTECH’s recycle program is the next best option. Last year alone, FNTECH recycled 3,300 pounds of aluminum framing and diverted over 2,000 pounds of banner material from landfills. The durability of silicone-edged graphic (SEG)  fabric, utilized in all reusable Wentex frames, makes for one-of-a-kind, upcycled tote bags which FNTECH uses as giveaway “swag” for clients and partners in hopes to share zero-waste awareness.

These efforts combined with actions to reduce waste at the warehouse and office (using eco-friendly cleaning products and installing water coolers to combat plastic bottles) align with Green Business Bureau’s Solid-Waste Assessment initiative and make a difference in waste reduction on a global scale.

Optimizing the Value of Virtual Events

Catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the abrupt shift to shelter-in-place orders, FNTECH created the FNvirtual Event Platform to produce engaging, broadcast-quality virtual events. From large conference assemblies to small intimate gatherings, FNvirtual makes it possible to record and stream live events, highlight sponsors, and connect with the audience in a variety of ways.

By nature, virtual events are a greener form of assembly compared to in-person events given the elimination of onsite waste and print materials (agendas, pamphlets, etc.) and commute emissions. FNTECH has furthered this effort by increasing the duration of virtual events. Infinity Festival, an 8-week long event that is 100% online, allows participants to stay connected and access online materials for longer. This not only rids the need of redoing material and reduces travel miles but it also grants more opportunity to participate despite differing schedules. In fact, FNTECH has already seen attendance numbers rise due to this increased accessibility.

From finding creative ways to reuse or upcycle waste to using technology to bring the excitement of events from the stage to the desktop, FNTECH is a pioneer in the future of event creation, production and management. Last year made it very clear that life as we know it can change quickly and it is companies like FNTECH who are using innovation to build a more secure future. By instilling sustainability throughout their entire operations, from onsite to the client, FNTECH is progressing towards a greener way to produce events whether it be in-person or at home.

``There's only one planet Earth and we need to become sustainable as a collective unit. At FNTECH, we are committed to this directive and to making sure we have a bright future for generations to come.``

 – Jeremy Muir,


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