ECOnsult is the market leader in Egypt for designing and certifying the highest number of Green Buildings, while garnering a solid reputation for the completion of numerous international projects.

As a Design and Architecture firm specifically for Green Buildings, they also provide additional services such as training, sustainability strategies, energy modeling and water saving for existing buildings, and have innovated cooling, water waste reduction and productive workspace strategies into its commercial and residential projects. ECOnsult’s team aims to challenge the status quo of the mega construction industry by creating accessible, local, and affordable projects to the market.

As an organization focused on sustainability, ECOnsult joined the Green Business Bureau to continue improving as a company and to stay connected to a like-minded community.  By implementing a green office, they can personally identify with their brand, mission, and what they promote to clients around a productive, sustainable culture, which exemplifies their ethos that “smart workspaces are not just about technology, they are about people comfort and resource management.”

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“We believe that every company should invest in identifying and addressing their own environmental impacts because we do not live and work in a separate ecosystem from our climate. Going green in your business is the best way to develop a culture of awareness. If you start by taking action yourself, at work, it will ultimately change your community.”

– Sarah El Battouty, Chairman & Founder, ECOnsult

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