EcoLuxe Products Inc. is aiding the world in the fight against single-use plastic waste by offering a variety of biodegradable organic bamboo products for personal use, homes and businesses. From disposable utensils to dental and hair care, EcoLuxe has an array of eco-friendly alternatives to help you reduce your plastic footprint.

Don’t Just Sell to Your Customers – Educate Them!

By giving customers plenty of sustainable alternatives for their everyday needs – dental floss, cotton swabs, hair brushes, cutlery – EcoLuxe is helping cut down on plastic waste and the negative side effects that comes with it (microplastics, for example). Once more, EcoLuxe is going one step further to educate customers on the importance of their purchasing decisions and how they can live more sustainably.

EcoLuxe is also embarking on creating educational content for the public such as blog and social media posts along with a Youtube video series which highlights the environmental impact of our choices and offers biodegradable alternatives, quick tips and advice. EcoLuxe aims to partner with retailers, hotels, restaurants, dental offices, salons and other facilities to connect with their customer base and help spread awareness about sustainability.

Onwards and Upwards

Having launched last year during COVID-19, EcoLuxe was quickly presented with the obstacles of being a small business staying afloat during a global pandemic. Further, one of the big challenges for companies selling sustainable products is getting those products green certified, an often expensive and tedious process that can require a third-party consultant or supply chain audit.

EcoLuxe has persevered and continues to look for partnership opportunities that will support global access to sustainable products. As an FSC certified business, EcoLuxe only deals with FSC certified supplies for packaging and many of the products found in their curated eco gift box collection. A new product line is set to launch and will be entirely FSC certified.

Becoming a member of Green Business Bureau and progressing through the GBB certification program is allowing EcoLuxe to validate their efforts to be socially and environmentally responsible, along with identifying new sustainability goals and tracking progress.

EcoLuxe is working to expand their current operations in the Philippines, Vietnam and China, using larger production facilities that employ local villagers and support economically disadvantaged communities. There is also talk of EcoLuxe establishing a bamboo farm in Central America in the future.

“Sustainable living requires responsible environmental awareness about the impact of your consumption choices and the conscious effort to extend the life of products by reusing, recycling or repurposing those products in order to divert them from landfills. If that is not possible, choose biodegradable products that minimize the externalities to our environment. Our mission is to educate, promote and create more awareness about the impact that our purchasing choices have on the environment and to partner with businesses to make these eco-friendly alternatives more available and accessible to consumers.”

– Chanelle Dupre, Founder of EcoLuxe Products Inc.

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