DigiCommerce, a full-service agency based in Montreal with offices in Canada, the United States, and Vietnam,  has achieved green certification by selecting, utilizing, and implementing the full capabilities of Green Business Bureau’s EcoAssessment™ and EcoPlanner™ solutions to instill a culture of sustainability within their global organization.

As a company that excels in delivering personalized content and commerce solutions for businesses of all types, DigiCommerce was extremely impressed with the comprehensive nature of the platform, and the intuitive, easy-to-use style of the interface.  According to Domenico D’Avirro, President of DigiCommerce, “the GBB solution provides us the flexibility to green our company at the pace we choose so as not to disrupt our normal everyday business. The way it’s designed also allows us to tackle the initiatives that we feel will have the biggest impact on our global operations instead of being required to follow a rigid protocol, which is very common in the sustainability space.”

As the DigiCommerce business is truly a global business, with employees that may approach sustainability differently based on their location, culture, and their own unique experiences, the company faced a unique challenge of working from a common sustainability framework.  Says Domenico: “GBB allowed us to install a common Green foundation for our employees to build our efforts upon. We could not be more pleased with how it has added an additional shared sense of purpose across our multiple locations”

DigiCommerce creates and implements content and business solutions through all touchpoints (Omni-channel), whether it be Marketing sites, Social Media, Video, or integrating B2C, B2B, or B2B2C.  Their team of experts has a proven ability to successfully analyze an organization’s critical business requirements and recommend innovative ideas to help clients in their digital transformation.

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