Delve Security is a cyber security software company that leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate security management and protect enterprise networks from cyber attacks.  Committed to sustainability and a member of Green Business Bureau since 2017, Delve has completed numerous green initiatives and earned enough GBB EcoPoints to reach the GBB Gold Certification Level.

Company Mission

The Delve Security solution leverages the power of Machine Learning and AI to detect and prioritize software vulnerabilities and help protect critical corporate assets and information from cyber attack.  When a company is hacked, it’s typically not just that business that is affected. The impact can be far reaching and have a devastating ripple effect, resulting in harm to not only other businesses but often to millions of unaware consumers. Delve’s mission is to protect both companies and individuals from malicious hackers.

Delve’s Green Mission

Delve is also committed to protecting the environment.  This quote from their CEO describes their green mission.

“Delve Security has always had a broad corporate vision for sustainability, and as much as we care about the clients that we serve and the data that we protect, we also have a deep concern and appreciation for the planet.  Being based in an eco-friendly city like Montreal, we’ve grown up with a sustainability mindset, and becoming a certified green company was the logical next step in our greening and sustainability journey.”

Delve uses Green Business Bureau’s Sustainability Management Software suite and framework to create a culture that makes sustainable business practices a core part of everything they do.  GBB members like Delve have shown that driving this behavior is good for business, delivering operational efficiency and cost savings while engaging employees and boosting morale. Their customers, partners and employees all appreciate this commitment to running a green business.

About Delve

Delve Security is transforming the way enterprises conduct vulnerability management. By leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence and a view of each vulnerability in the context of its individual characteristics within the organization, the asset’s importance, and external factors, Delve delivers a meaningful, prioritized list of vulnerabilities that enables teams to reduce vulnerability risk while minimizing remediation activity. Delve was founded in 2014 and has offices in Montreal, New York, Boston and San Francisco.

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