Custom Equine Nutrition offers natural, no-filler horse supplements that deliver all the necessary vitamins and minerals that a horse needs in a single scoop. Through dedicated scientific research, Custom Equine Nutrition products are designed to nourish the complex equine physiology and ensure a happy and healthy life for horses.

Tackling Waste In More Ways Than One

This mighty family-run Vermont business has incorporated this level of care in everything they do. From powering their home and business with solar to using shredded paper as horse bedding, Custom Equine Nutrition is actively involved in greening their business practices. In fact, 90% of their business is direct to consumer through online sales which has made a significant reduction in their carbon footprint.

One area in particular that they are passionate about is waste reduction through reuse and recycling. Nearly all packing materials (box fill) are recycled or reused materials. They also keep plastic pumps for their liquid products as special request items to prevent repeat customers from receiving duplicate pumps. And instead of sending plastic feed scoops in every product, Custom Equine Nutrition customers use common household measuring cups. All of these efforts together keep an incredible amount of unnecessary waste from entering landfills.

“As our business continues to grow, we are excited to look for more opportunities to help our environment and future generations by working with the Green Business Bureau.”

– Nicole Sicely, Founder and Owner of Custom Equine Nutrition

Being Green Has Its Challenges 

The same extensive research that Custom Equine Nutrition has poured into their products they use in their purchasing decisions. Selecting sustainable packaging materials has been one of their greatest challenges. With a market swarming in eco-friendly options, it has been a rigorous search for materials that are both 100% recyclable and capable of preserving the Custom Equine Nutrition product during shipment and throughout its use.

Luckily, the Custom Equine Nutrition team is equipped with devoted, forward-thinking individuals who see challenges as opportunities to learn and be creative. Founder, owner, and equine nutrition specialist, Nicole Sicely, understands that being a green business is sometimes a process of trial and error but with persistence and motivation, the right answers can be found. And it is this active commitment to doing better that makes Custom Equine Nutrition a trustworthy and exemplary green business.

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