Green Business Bureau member, Credissimo EAD, is leading the charge when it comes to running a truly green business. From decreasing paper and resource use to launching green community programs, this forward-thinking company is introducing eco-friendly ideas into almost every facet of their company. Credissimo’s successful sustainability efforts can serve as an example for other companies that are working to improve the community in which their business serves.

Commitment to a Green Business via Employee Engagement

Credissimo EAD, part of Credissimo Group, is a leading European FinTech group that was founded in 2007. Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, Credissimo’s innovative, proprietary technology combined with superior customer service enables the company to deliver state-of-the-art consumer finance solutions. Credissimo joined GBB because of their shared belief that good business and green business go hand-in-hand. Joining GBB helped them create a green culture and prioritize green initiatives with their employees.

Digital Business Significantly Reduces Paper

Because of the company’s focus on online business and digitizing their services, Credissimo has minimized the need for paper, and has decreased overall use of office supplies, printing and paper storage needs. The company has also implemented an “environmental protection plan” over the last several years, focusing on optimizing external and internal processes to minimize environmental impact. This has included developing unique technology innovations to attract new customers without having to increase printed marketing materials.  They also use digital communications to share company news and update customers.

Green Values, Green Culture

One of the reasons Credissimo has been so successful at sustainability is because the company has built “going green” directly into their core principles, which include constant innovation, service excellence, customer centricity, teamwork and social responsibility. In fact, team leadership has indicated that socially responsible behavior is at the core of Credissimo’s beliefs, allowing the company to support various internal and external initiatives that help the local community grow and develop.

Green Office

One area that Credissimo has focused their green plans is in their office space. Investments in this area have included using high-end and energy efficient devices and appliances, and installing intelligent lighting and smart air conditioning systems. The company is also working toward more environmentally friendly waste management by using special bins for separate waste collection at the office. Additionally, employees are encouraged to apply eco-friendly practices on a daily basis, and to give back through large-scale projects to improve the local community.

Giving Back to the Local Community

In addition to focusing on their own office space, Credissimo is dedicated to bringing their green way of business to the surrounding community. In the past year, Credissimo has focused on improving the nearby urban environment by constructing three outdoor sports areas. The company is also currently designing another playground in Sofia that is specially designed for children, including those with disabilities. The playspace will follow Credissimo’s aim to be sustainable by being made entirely of natural materials. The focus of these projects is to improve the surrounding urban environment and to encourage the community to adopt a healthier and more active way of life.

“We are proud to be part of the international community of GBB and to receive recognition for our green policies,”  said Manuella Stoilova, Project Leader Credissimo EAD. “The quest for environmental protection and resource conservation has been the focus of Credissimo’s strategic development from the beginning, with the decision to offer all our services entirely online. We are happy to continue to achieve impressive results and we are grateful for the opportunity to be a member of this green community.”

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