Concentric Advisors is a risk management firm that delivers strategic advice, intelligence and security services to their clients. For over a decade, Concentric has supported individuals, corporations and nonprofits to solve challenges across the full spectrum of security risk – including environmental and climate risks. Their mission of “managing risk everywhere, to keep people safe”, manifests in both their sustainability efforts, and their involvement in ‘green security’ projects.


Living up to their green motto, “Less Trace, More Impact”, Concentric is the only US security risk consultancy that has been certified as a green business, achieved carbon neutrality and committed to fully decarbonizing via The Climate Pledge. While working hard to leave less trace as a business, they are also striving to make a more positive impact on the frontlines of environmental defense by applying their security and intelligence expertise.

To fulfill their commitment to both The Climate Pledge and Green Business Bureau programs, Concentric has formed a Green Team of volunteers dedicated to managing the company’s sustainability initiatives, marketing their efforts, and promoting transparency via emissions reporting. In addition, they share knowledge and facilitate discussions around sustainability through quarterly newsletters, employee training and company-wide engagement opportunities, such as TED Talk watch parties on green issues.

Concentric shares their sustainability mission across their website and blog, providing the transparency that stakeholders and potential clients are looking for.

Office signage encourages employees to make green choices

Concentric Advisors green team exercises their green thumbs


Concentric’s Green Team also steers the development and delivery of environmental security projects. This has included risk assessments for environmental defenders, and the deployment of surveillance technology and AI to help those responsible for protected areas to combat environmental destruction and degradation – a critical factor in both climate change and biodiversity loss.

Concentric’s Green Team Leader and Director of Special Projects, Christian Moore, has witnessed firsthand how environmental destruction is a major threat to both local and global security. Tasked with advising Belizean forest rangers, Christian has helped install acoustic sensors and other surveillance tools and strategies to protect the biodiverse forests of Belize. It is now possible to have real-time awareness of forest loss down to a single tree, with robust response contingencies to quickly limit destruction.

Christian Moore aids Belizean forest rangers with installing acoustic sensors in forest canopy

“Concentric has never been more mindful of both the negative and positive impacts that our business can have on the environment. That’s why we’re leading the way in our industry by bringing awareness to the idea of sustainability as a security risk mitigator.”

– Hannah Kennealy, Deputy Lead, Concentric Green Team

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